Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Been Tricked

Fang Lilan's mind was exposed, and Fang Lilan looked extremely ugly, "What fake car accident..."

Also, how did Fang Xinxin, a **** get the text message sent by Man Xue?

After the love was warm, Fang Xinxin had guessed that Fang Lilan would avenge Fang Manxue, so Chi Minzhe of the Detective Agency sent someone to secretly copy the text messages on Fang Manxues phone.

She can see through invisible, and has long known the unlock password of Fang Manxue's phone.

Fang Man Snowman was injured and was in a coma for a lot of time in the hospital. Therefore, the text messages sent by Chi Minzhe to Fang Manxue were very simple.

A middle-aged man came out from nowhere and walked into the ward and said, "Chairman Fang, you let me lie about the car hit you and gave me 20,000 yuan in compensation. I didnt expect you to take this. It has come to black a daughter who was originally filial. I'm so sorry, I will refund you the 20,000 yuan."

With that, two stacks of red hundred-yuan bills were handed over. Seeing that Fang Lilan hadn't answered it, she put the money directly on the bedside table.

"This gentleman, can you explain the specific situation..." a reporter asked immediately after him.

"I am an employee of Fang's enterprise. Recently, my family was short of money. My boss, Ms. Fang Lilan, asked me to help again. I was confused for 20,000 yuan and made a fake car accident with her." The middle-aged man did not shy away from it. Accepted an interview.

"I didn't give people 20,000 yuan, it was Fang Xinxin colluding with him!" Fang Lilan wanted to do a dying struggle.

Fang Xinxin didn't argue with her, but said to the military doctor Shi Qian outside the corridor, "Doctor Shi, can you show my mother the injury?"

"No problem." Shi Qian walked into the ward from the corridor and just asked Lilan to check.

Fang Lilan waved her hand, "Go away, go away! I don't want you to check!"

"Mom, Doctor Shi's medical skills are among the best in the entire military hospital. If you can let him see a doctor, many people can't line up." Fang Xinxin persuaded.

"Who knows how to arrange your collusion with him..." Before Fang Lilan finished speaking, Shi Qian interrupted her, "Chairman Fang, please rest assured, regarding your physical condition, I will tell you the truth. Moreover, This is still live on the TV station, and I will not smash my own sign."

It's not a popular big TV station, but Fang Xinxin's lack of filial piety is a sensation, with high ratings and many online media broadcasts.

"Yes, Chairman Fang, just ask Doctor Shi to help you..." A reporter also persuaded.

"I said no!" Fang Lilan was emotional, and another reporter seemed to have noticed something strange, "Ms. Fang Lilan, didn't you say that your arm bone was broken in a car accident and you couldn't move? Why did you dance?"

"..." Fang Lilan calmed down in a moment of embarrassment.

Fang Xinxin walked to her hospital bed, did not know where she took out the small scissors, and in twos or twos she removed the circles of white gauze wrapped around Fang Lilan's body. The gauze was covered with green medicine residue.

Wipe off the dregs on her skin, Fang Lilan's skin didn't have any scars at all!

"..." The reporter and host on the scene were in a daze again.

Even viewers who watch the live broadcast before TV are stupid.

Shi Qian stepped forward and checked Fang Lilan's injury strongly and gave a qualitative conclusion, "Ms. Fang Lilan was not injured. In other words, she did not have a car accident, everyone was fooled by her!" Five-star rating)