Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Sad Back

The dean of this hospital entered the ward and said apologetically, "Ms. Fang Lilan made a fake medical record and tricked the doctor in this hospital to issue a hospital admission. After entering this hospital, she insisted that she had seen a doctor elsewhere and only stayed in this hospital. The hospital observed that there was no medical record in this hospital. The doctor who treated her at that time was expelled from the superior because he knew the situation was different because of bribery."

Online media comments began to explode:

[Fang Lilan, an old woman, pretending to be a miserable car accident is too shameless! "

[Wrap yourself in a layer of medicine slag, really pretending to be decent? Dog and B are not as good as her.

[Fang Xinxin has endured the humiliation and filial piety for seven years, Fang Xinxin is filial enough, this old woman is not enough, hateful! The old woman cheated the Bai family's money back!

Fang Xinxin also guessed that many people in the audience would ask the Fang family to refund the Bai family's money.

So, facing the camera lens, said: "I am a filial person, at least for my beloved mother, tacitly harm the interests of my fiance. But the hearts of people are long, my fiance is so good to me, I But my mother... I really cant let Fangs enterprise **** the blood of the Bai family again. So, I just asked the Fang family to refund the Bai familys money. Of course, my mother returned the money out of helplessness. Otherwise, you will go to jail for fraud.

But the Bai family's more than 10 billion yuan, the Fang family has not paid a penny interest, which has been in vain for years. The Bai family gave the Fang family rich gifts every year, and the Bai family did not claim it back. Here, Fang Xinxin wants to say that being Bai Qinghaos fiancee is the blessing of my life. I will not be a parasite next to him, nor will my family be allowed to do so. What if, my mother really had a car accident today..."

Such a bitch, let her die.

Thinking this way in her heart, Fang Xinxin said, "I am so sad that it is still impossible to abandon her. But there is no so-called car accident. Everything is directed and acted by my mother. She hates me for not letting Fang. The company went to **** the blood of the Bai family. Fang Manxues lie of posing as Bai Qinghaos fiancee was exposed, and she still hates me.

In such a family, it is already physically and mentally painful. The reason why I have been so late in showing up in the hospital is that I really dont have the energy to accompany my mother to play such a game of a fake car accident. My mother made me feel hopeless. Please dont bother me with this. I just want to be a sophomore in peace. study hard, improve every day! "

No matter her figure or her face, she is getting perfect day by day.

Even her career, she will be thriving!

Bowing before the camera lens, Fang Xinxin turned around gracefully and walked out of the ward lonely.

The numbness and sadness revealed from her back touched countless audiences.

[Back view killer, I didnt expect Fang Xinxin to have such a good figure after losing weight...]

[If my mother scam so much money in my name and still dealt with me, pretending to be a car accident and wanting my reputation to be disgraced, how could I kill someone!

[Fang Xinxin is so pitiful, I thought she was a rich daughter and loved her, but she didnt expect her close relatives to treat her better than her fiance...]

All media cameras were directed at Fang Lilan on the hospital bed, and reporters kept asking: "Ms. Fang, is your approach worthy of being a mother? Why do you hate Fang Xinxin so much?"

"Ms. Fang Lilan, as the chairman of Fang's enterprise, you actually planned to fake a car accident to play tricks on the public. Will your conscience be condemned?"

"Ms. Fang, do you think you still have a trace of moral bottom line?"

Fang Lilan's face was ugly and pale, she pulled the quilt to cover her face, "Go away, I won't be interviewed!"

"But, you called us!" A reporter went over to lift her quilt.

Fang Lilan had nowhere to hide in front of the camera. She got out of bed with an old face still white, and her shoes were too late to wear. She hurriedly pushed away the host and reporter and ran out of the ward. How could the speed of walking like flying, be half as weak as lying on the bed before?

Whether it was the audience in front of the TV or the netizens, they all sighed.

This old woman is just a good show, the rank is higher than Fang Manxue's shameless stuff.

No one sprayed Fang Xinxin's filial piety anymore, but thought that she had awakened from her filial piety, which was gratifying. One more Fang Lilan on the Internet was sprayed into a mean sieve.

Bai Qinghao stood in the corridor, his deep eyes watching Fang Xinxin's speech in front of the camera.