Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Let Me Be By Your Side

She is so calm, with outstanding temperament, graceful but with a trace of charming sadness, extremely dazzling.

She said that being his fiancee was the blessing of her life.

Whether or not he lied to him.

With her words, he can die for her without hesitation.

Bai Qinghao's whole heart was overwhelmed by a moving emotion. He found that for Fang Xinxin, his love became deeper and deeper...

When she walked out of the camera's lens, he immediately stretched out his long arm and left with a protective wrap around her shoulders.

In the ward next door, Fang Manxue sat paralyzed on the bed. Originally waiting for Fang Xinxin to become a mouse crossing the street, she did not expect to push herself and her mother to the point where it was worse!

Long Shuhai looked dull on the hospital bed, biting bitterly, "Fang Xinxin is a bastard, really a hundred-legged worm!"

Fang Manxue glared at him, "Didn't you tell your mom, seek justice for me, is this the justice you seek for me!"

Long Shuhai looked at her with pity, "Xiaoxue..."

Fang Manxue's eyes flushed with anger, and a crazy glow of hatred burst into his eyes, "I won't let Fang Xinxin's, no!"


In the commercial suite on the 20th floor of Building A in Hongsheng Community, Fang Shaohua was in front of the TV, staring fascinatedly at Xinxin's tear-stained face above the TV.

His heart aches because of her experience.

I hate that in the past three years in prison, he was unable to take care of her and caused her to suffer so much.

Even now, what can he give her?

The huge pain tortured Fang Shaohua's heart.

After the live broadcast, he wanted to embrace Fang Xinxin's desperately beautiful back.

How he wanted to tell her and comfort her.

With an older brother, Xinxin is not afraid, not afraid!

However, once the camera flashed, he saw Bai Qinghao also.

Xinxin at this moment, I'm afraid he doesn't need him...

Fang Shaohua picked up the phone several times and pressed Fang Xinxin's number.

Dial out, but press it down before connecting.

Walk to the balcony connected to the master bedroom and watch the bustling night of the imperial capital and the neon lights flashing in the city.

He can only be in the house she arranged for him.

Waiting for her quietly, thinking of her...

At the same time, Chi Minzhe of the Detective Agency followed Fang Xinxin's instructions to send out the video that was secretly captured by the pinhole camera in Fang Lilan's ward, divided into the other's favor.

It was Fang Lilan's bid to post by Yang Fen, a nurse.

The second is the video of Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai discussing to avenge Fang Manxue.

All of a sudden, the anger of everyone Lilan, Long Shuhai, and Fang Manxue reached a level.

The three of them did not steal the chicken, and were directly scolded as foul-smelling parasites.


Half an hour later, the Royal Court.

On the sofa in the lobby of the villa's main building, Bai Qinghao directly hugged Fang Xinxin in his arms, and his cold voice said with pity, "Fang Xinxin..."

"Huh?" She quietly felt his broad embrace thick and warm, and her heart was calm.

Her good behavior made him feel very distressed, "No matter what happens, I will be by your side."

Still feeling sorry for her tears before the camera.

"Yeah." She nodded, lying back on his lap, watching him, "Similarly, no matter what you have, let me be by your side, OK?"

He did not agree, "No. You are not allowed to charge on the battlefield."