Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Punishment 1

Even facing her blind and paralyzed.

Fang Lilan didn't have any extra compassion at all except to avoid seeing her.

This can never be her mother!

However, I clicked on the mailbox and saw the paternity test certificate, which stated that she and Fang Lilan were biological mothers and daughters.

Moreover, Fang Lilan drove her to do this identification, and asked her to point in any direction for more than an hour.

A public institution that stopped and looked for.

This appraisal result can never be faked!

Feeling miserable and uncomfortable. Although, I can identify with Fang Lilan again, if...

With the same result again, she really doesn't know how to deal with... a biological mother like this?


Fang Xinxin closed her eyes and rested.

Dingdong Dingdong!

When the doorbell rang, Fang Xinxin opened the security door, and saw an unrecognizable stinging mouth with pimples on his face, swollen like a big pig's head, estimated to be a tall, fat man of 200 jin!

Damn it! Hell in broad daylight.

Fang Xinxin was shocked by the ugly appearance of the other party, and shut the door with a bang.

The doorbell rang again, and she opened the door again impatiently, still the man just now, "Who are you?"

The big fat man said vaguely, "Don't you know me?"

"Fatty man, I'm in a bad mood right now. I don't bother to guess who you are." She said coldly, "If you are begging, please ask someone else."

He wanted to cry without tears. He didn't expect Liu Li to stand upright, with strong muscles, and one day he would be called fat.

And Fang Xinxin was called by a fat woman.

Looking at Fang Xinxinjiao's slender figure, she is no longer a fat person, she is very thin.

Sure enough, Feng Shui will take turns.

Shaking his clothes, Liu Li was serious, "Look at my clothes. I'm a soldier. Even if I starve to death, I can't do that kind of humiliating things like begging!"

She listened to his voice, although it was vague, it seemed a bit familiar, and she took a close look at him, "You are... Liu Li!"

He looked excited, "Madam, you finally recognize me!"

Fang Xinxin looked at him straight this time.

I saw Liu Li's original standard figure, swollen into a big fat, his whole body swollen from head to toe, his face was swollen like a fat pig's head, and his eyelids were so swollen that his originally small eyes were almost narrowed into a line. .

Moreover, judging from his facial features and naked, exposed skin, it looks like various bite marks and sting marks are mixed...

Fang Xinxin is still audacious. If the timid sees his ghostly appearance, he still has to be scared to death?

The more she watched, the more amazed she became, "I haven't seen you for three days, why did you make Liu Li such a ghost?"

"The commander specially trained..."

"He didn't let you go back to the furnace to remake."

Liu Li didn't know if his whole body was swollen too painfully, or he was sad, and shed a handful of sorrowful old tears, "Being specially trained by the commander is worse than going back to the furnace!"

Fang Xinxin, who was blocking the door, stepped aside and let him in, "Come in first, and be careful not to be caught by the door because of the huge figure."

"..." Three black lines floated on Liu Li's forehead, making him a little bit fatter and not getting stuck.

It was clear in her heart that Fang Xinxin was deliberately teasing him.

Who made him always call her Fang Fei before.

"Tsk tusk tusk tusk..." Fang Xinxin kept turning him around, with a look of confusion, "I remember, the special training your commander gave you is very easy."