Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Punishment 2

She recalled, "I was in the Imperial Court two days ago. I passed by your commanders study and heard on the phone that he would let you go swimming on the first day. The next day I went to sleep in the cave. On the third day, I went to collect honey. It's impossible to make it like this, right?"

Liu Li wanted to cry without tears, "The commander is an educated and highly educated person, that is, he speaks elegantly. This is actually the case for these three days. I went swimming on the first day, but I added a small piece in the pool. The shark, couldnt swallow me, but kept chasing me and biting me, almost biting me. I was incompetent, and even a shark could not do it. The next day I went to pick honey and added some ingredients to the hornets nest. When I was digging for honey, thousands of bees all stung at me and stung me. It was because I had poor adaptability and didn't know how to avoid the honey sting.

On the third day, it was ten thousand snake caves, which were densely packed with snakes. Although they were not poisonous, I was not afraid of a few. The caves were full of them. They were all wrapped around me, one was pulled out, and a few more were wrapped... "

Fang Xinxin was stunned, "Wipe! It's better to die than life!"

Liu Li agreed very much, "It's better to shoot one by one. I almost can't come back...Three days of special training, it's only two and a half days, and there is still half a day."

She understood, "I just asked Bai Qinghao to call you over, but I accidentally helped you."

"Madam's life-saving grace, Liu Liwu should pay it back..." Let him agree with him.

"That is to say, after you have finished helping, you have to go back and train for a long time, right." She sighed, and sure enough, the training that Bai Qinghao personally planned was so cruel and inhuman.

Unfortunately, she also misunderstood that Bai Qinghao was just perfunctory and punished Liu Li without pain. What a shocking truth.

Now I feel distressed and misunderstood Bai Qinghao...

"Madam, don't you know, I'm afraid of dying those big bees." Liu Li stroked his whole body, pouring bitter water continuously, "Look at me, I was stung by the tens of thousands, tens of thousands of bees. It was a painful whirr. It stung a handsome man of mine into a big fat pig. And those snakes, I saw my scalp numb. The shark in the pond is pretty cute. Please ask the commander. Just say it. You can save the rest of the day, right?"

Fang Xinxin originally disliked Liu Li's being cheap. Seeing him so miserable, and listening to him taking a mouthful of a wife, a rare sympathy arose in her heart, "It depends on your performance."

"Yes, I must behave well." Liu Li saluted her a standard military salute.

"Take off your clothes." Fang Xinxin said casually.

Liu Li hesitated... or took off his military jacket.

Fang Xinxin glared at him, "Who told you to take off your clothes?"

Did you let her off? Liu Li looked at her. He didn't expect that after she lost weight, she would be so watery and Yang Hua that she would want to mess with the commander so quickly.

By the way, the unlucky person chosen by her is still him.

Fang Xinxin saw that he was still pestering like a wooden dazed, and sternly, "Do you want to go back and continue to be stung by a hornet's nest and feed the snake?"

"Of course I don't want to. But..." Liu Li cried out in pain, he couldn't be sorry for the commander.

As a subordinate, the woman who sleeps as the commander is simply unforgivable.

"Such a trivial matter. Either take it off or get off! I wanted to ask Bai Qinghao for you if I was satisfied with the service." Fang Xinxin gave him a look with contempt. No need?"

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