Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Ten Dollars To Buy Sugar

"Since she gave it to you, just accept it." Bai Qinghao finished coldly, rarely curious, "how does the money she gave you count to me?"

Shi Qian said naturally, "Everyone knows that Fang Xinxin is still a student. Isn't the money she put out still from you? It is equivalent to the money you gave."

"I really didn't give this money."

"The Fang family is so stingy to her..."

Bai Qinghao interrupted him, "Fang Xinxin bought the lottery ticket some time ago and won the 85 million prize."

"...!" Shi Qian showed a shocked expression, "It turns out that there was a lot of rumors during that time, and he won the big prize. The person who dressed up like Spiderman to receive the prize was Fang Xinxin. She was lucky."

Geeted twice, took a peek at the boss, "Of course, the biggest prize among her is to be your fiancee."

"No." Bai Qinghao said with a cold expression, "Being her fiance, I won the big prize!"

"Aren't you serious?"

"This commander would make such a joke?" Bingsen's eyes narrowed displeasedly.

Shi Qian really couldn't understand, what good is Fang Xinxin? Even if she is in good shape now, with pale skin, her face is still so ugly.

Forgive him for his short-sightedness, because he is too handsome and only admires beautiful women.


Fang Xinxin moved a chair to bask in the setting sun in the yard with the beautiful scenery of the Regalia.

The sky full of sunset...

The scenery is beautiful!

Fang Xinxin lay down with her eyes closed and rested, while a row of maids stood behind waiting.

With the title of Mrs. Bai Shao in the future, the pomp is different.

Liu Lichu was next to her, hesitant to speak.

Fang Xinxin didn't need to open his eyes, he could detect his anxious appearance, and the old spirit was there, and he didn't ask what he was going to fart.

Liu Li couldn't help it anymore, and grinned, sneered, "Miss Fang San, the sun is going down soon."


He continued flattering, "The sunset is infinitely good, but it's almost dusk. You have a unique setting sun, so don't be afraid of the high-standard style of cultivating sentiment."

"Hmm." Defaulted.

Liu Li stood uncomfortable, "Um... I didn't go to the special training this afternoon. If the commander is unhappy when he comes back, the consequences will be serious."


Liu Li was upset, "Didn't you say something, can you help me say something to the commander? Why haven't I seen you call?"

"Don't you call for money? I didn't say when to speak nice things for you."

"As for being so stingy?" Liu Li immediately took out ten yuan from his pocket and handed it to her, "I'll give you the phone bill, so I don't have to look for more."

"Good, keep buying sugar for yourself." Fang Xinxin did not answer. She didn't really want any phone bills, because Bai Qinghao was busy when she was hanging up the video in the afternoon, afraid to disturb him.

"Grandma, isn't our relationship better?" Liu Li said with a crying expression, "Where did I offend you?"

"I am a bit ugly..." she prompted kindly.

Why is Liu Li so familiar with this? He told her in the car, "Oh my eldest lady, you are still angry about this..."

"Just go find a woman you know and tell her that you look really ugly."

"I... isn't that looking for death?"

She spread her hands, "If it doesn't, it will end."

"Who looks ugly?" Bai Qinghao's cold voice sounded, Fang Xinxin sat up from the recliner, and saw a military uniformed Commander White walking towards this side, followed by military doctor Shi Qian behind him.