Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Hao Worried

"The subordinate is ugly." Liu Li immediately saluted a standard military salute. He did not dare to say that Fang Xinxin was ugly in front of the commander.

Bai Qinghao's cold and sharp eyes glanced at Liu Li, who was fat as a pig, "You look a bit ugly."

"Yes!" What the superior said was correct.

Shi Qian ran over like a big curious one, staring at Liu Limeng, "Fuck! Where is the big fat pig from? Wow!"

"Doctor Shi..." Liu Li smiled bitterly, "Old acquaintances, don't you need to mock me like this?"

"Who are you?" Shi Qian helped the glasses on the bridge of his nose and didn't recognize him for a while.

"Me, Liu Li."

Shi Qian patted him on the shoulder, "Brother, it's you, forgive me, you have changed so much. Congratulations, Miss Fang San!"

Fang Xinxin pointed at herself, inexplicably, "Liu Li has changed a lot. It's my shit?"

"Someone is finally uglier than you, shouldn't you be happy?" Shi Qian asked seriously.

Seems to be happy? Fang Xinxin's face was full of anger, before he had time to react, Bai Qing's sharp eyes shot towards Shi Qian, "Do you think Fang Xinxin is ugly?"

That powerful and spreading dangerous aura immediately made Shi Qian's back cold.

Isn't it ugly?

Shi Qian's heart was trembling, but he dared not tell the truth, "She is not ugly because her subordinates said something wrong."

With her face full of dry and hard acne scabs, it is impossible to say that she is beautiful without conscience.

Bai Qinghao gave an order without expression, "Praise her."

"Commander..." Wouldn't the commander's conscience hurt if he opened his eyes and said nonsense?

"This is an order."

"Yes, Fang Xinxin, don't be afraid of the beauty of the style." You can only appreciate the kind that commander you have problems with your eyes.

As a man of integrity, Shi Qian felt it necessary to maintain a fair aesthetic at all times.

He took a peek at Liu Li's miserable appearance, and sighed in his heart. This guy has too many mouths before being served by bees to become a big pig.

Shi Qian is a man who cherishes himself very much, but he can't stand the injury of his handsome appearance.

Bai Qinghao was satisfied with what he said, and glanced at Shi Qian, "What are you doing while standing?"

Shi Qian immediately walked to Fang Xinxin. This time, without the command of the commander, he took the initiative to put on medical gloves and prepared to examine Fang Xinxin's cut right palm. "Miss Fang San, you are so kind. The commander remembered the injury very much, and asked his subordinates to show you the injury again."

"Work." She smiled and stretched out her palm.

Shi Qian helped her get a new knife wound powder, and said casually, "Have you ever cracked your hand injury?"

Bai Qinghao stared sharply at the edge of Fang Xinxin's right palm, and said in a deep voice, "How could it crack?"

She dare not say that she was caught by her elder brother Fang Shaohua, "just a little careless."

Bai Qinghao frowned, his cold tone couldn't hide his distress, "Be careful."

Liu Li burst into tears in his heart, "Commander, Fang Xinxin's palm is so slightly injured, you are worrying about it, your subordinates are about to die by your training..."

"There is still a human figure, not bad." Bai Qinghao rewarded him.

"Commander Xie compliments." It was bitter.

Fang Xinxin looked at Liu Li's aggrieved appearance and comforted him, "Comrade Liu, don't be jealous. After all, I can sleep with your commander, but you can't."

She really dared to say anything! Bai Qinghao's ears were warm, and his warning eyes shot towards Fang Xinxin. Unfortunately, the latter was not afraid of him at all.