Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 385

Chapter 385:

"Yes." Shi Qian withdrew helplessly.

"The injury will be treated and reimbursed at public expense. You don't need to be on duty until you recover." Bai Qinghao's words were an order to Liu Li.

"Xie Commander!"

Bai Qinghao motioned with a glance, and the housekeeper Zhao Cheng and Yipin servants all retired.

Only Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin remained in the yard.

He sat on the recliner where Fang Xinxin had previously slept, wrapped her waist, adjusted his posture, and let her sit on his lap.

The ambiguous posture made Fang Xinxin a little stiff.

He stretched out his hands to help her massage her shoulders, and said casually, "Listen to the housekeeper, you went to Jaya Hospital to see your father today, didn't you let the commander drive?"

"Yeah." She enjoyed his service, her rigid body relaxed, "Walk to lose weight."

He wrinkled his thick black eyebrows, and his cold male voice was distressed, "You are already thin enough, so don't lose it anymore."

Look at her with thin arms and legs. I'm really afraid of pinching her with a little force.

"Let's lose a few more catties." She said, "Just a few catties, so it's perfect." We weighed it on a scale just now, and it was lighter, only 100 catties.

She is 1.67 meters tall, if only more than 90 kilograms, the proportion is very good, she can definitely compare the model's figure.

"Why do you want to be so perfect?" He frowned angrily.

For you. She stared at him firmly.

He is too perfect, she wants to show him the best of herself, "because girls are born to love beauty."

She didn't want him to have a psychological burden, so she answered, and she was telling the truth.

Bai Qinghao helplessly confessed, "Don't lose weight anymore!"

She didn't listen and didn't answer.

The two of them sat on the chairs, and he embraced her with his sturdy arms, watching the beautiful sunset quietly.

Bowing his head, he stared at her quietly and well-behaved with eyes as deep as the vast universe.

I remembered that she was so avoiding and avoiding him.

He couldn't help feeling sigh in his heart.

I hope I never go back to the past, I hope she can always be so obedient.


There are several two-story modern houses behind the main villa of the Royal Court, which are provided for the servants and the guards who guard the Royal Court.

These two areas are separate.

Liu Li entered one of the guards' dormitory buildings. He lived in a single suite with a toilet and balcony.

Said to be a dormitory, the decoration grade is more luxurious than ordinary hotels.

Liu Licai entered the room and found Shi Qian sitting on the sofa in the room, "Doctor Shi, why are you here?"

Shi Qian gestured to another chair across the coffee table, "Sit, take off my clothes."

Liu Li guessed that he was going to treat himself, so Yiyan took off his clothes, "With a hard mouth and a soft heart, he came to see me in person. He also asked me to go to your clinic tomorrow to register..."

"Stop talking nonsense." Shi Qian opened the medicine box placed on the coffee table, took out a stethoscope and pasted it on his chest, "Heart beats very hard, and his lung capacity is much stronger than ordinary people."

"You don't know how miserable my three-day special training is." Liu Li complained, "If I hadn't been in good health, I wouldn't be able to come back. Fang Xinxin had all been cheated."

"You will be content if you are alive. Who will let you keep your mouth open." Shi Qian asked, "Have you heard of it? Fang Xinxin won 85 million prizes some time ago."

"I was the first to know!" Liu Li was excited when he mentioned it. "Don't you know, on the first day of the draw, Fang Xinxin held a stack of two-yuan lottery tickets in his hand and said it was for two yuan. Give me one."

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