Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Third Sister And Shaohua?

"I checked, Fang Xinxin bought 17 bets for the grand prize of that issue, and each bet hit 5 million, with a total prize of 85 million." Shi Qian's eyes lit up and said with envy. "Even if you only buy one bet, you have made a fortune! Your kid is too uninteresting, and you won't ask your brother to have a meal after winning five million!"

"I..." Liu Li scratched his head embarrassedly, "I didn't win the prize."

"How could you not win the prize?" Shi Qian didn't believe it.

When Liu Li mentioned it, he felt regretful and wanted to cry, "I won't spend two dollars on her lottery ticket!"

"Damn!" Shi Qian stood up angrily, "You won't, I will. Don't tell me to buy."

"How did I know that she would win the jackpot..."

"Are you stupid B?" Shi Qian looked like he hated iron and steel. "You are a big man, don't say she asks you to buy a two-dollar lottery ticket, just to give her two dollars, how can you drop it?"

"You don't know how much I hated her before." He said angrily, "I would rather give the beggar than to her. Don't know, save two dollars..."

His face collapsed like a concubine, "I missed five million perfectly."

"Brother, if you want to be stupid, I can't do anything with you." Shi Qian was so sad and angry for his stupidity, "Come on, I'll take a breath for you."

Fang Xinxin visited his doctor before and registered his phone number.

He took it down by the way, edited a text message and sent it to Fang Xinxin:

[Ms. Fang San, you asked me to buy sugar today, don't you want to buy medicine from me tomorrow?

Liu Li moved his head, "What medicine did she buy from you? Is the cancer terminal?"

"That's not true." Shi Qian didn't deceive. "It's a special formula. It's not available in other hospitals."

"Women love beauty, especially Fang Xinxin is so ugly, ah!" Liu Liyi added up, "Then you have grasped her weakness?"

"No." Shi Qian smiled arrogantly, "After that, even if she begged me to buy medicine, I won't sell it."

Fang Xinxin quickly returned the text message.

[Doctor Shi, yes, I wrote down your prescription. If you have a prescription, any hospital will grab the medicine, so you wont be bothered.

Shi Qian glared at Fang Xinxins return message and muttered to himself, "Its impossible. The prescription I prescribe is a combination of twenty Chinese medicines. Moreover, the prescription is only in my personal internal system, even the doctors The hospital can't even check it. The unique formula is the medicine I personally grasped."

Liu Li heard the words and said, "She definitely doesn't know the prescription, it's yours!"

Fang Xinxin sent another text message at this time with the names of twenty Chinese medicines.

Shi Qian checked it again, "It's not wrong at all!"

"Where did she get your prescription?" Liu Li was strange.

"When I used the computer to prescribe the medication list, she was sitting on the side. It is estimated that she saw it at that time." Shi Qian and Liu Li looked at each other and said at the same time, "She has a great memory!" This woman does not seem to be useless. ?


In the apartment building on the 20th floor of Building A in Hongsheng Community, Fang Shaohua woke up from the master bed and saw Gao Ru, a 40-year-old part-time worker, cleaning the house.

He rubbed his painful temples, drank too much alcohol before going to bed, and his brain hurts, "Aunt Gao, I told you that, haven't you used it these days?"

Gao Ru replied respectfully, "Miss Fang Xinxin asked me to come over."

"She's been here..." Fang Shaohua did see Fang Xinxin when he thought of being drunk.