Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 388

Chapter 388:

"No need." Fang Shaohua cherished the blood stain on the bed sheet.

This is the first time Xinxin gave him the sign of purity, how can it be washed away? He wants to treasure it.

"The food is ready, you go to eat first." Gao Ru said respectfully.

Fang Shaohua's gloomy mood was swept away, and for a few days he was depressed and desperate, and he barely ate much, this time he was hungry.

He went directly to the living room and quickly swept away the food on the table.

Gao Ru watched him devouring food, thinking that Mr. Fang couldn't eat it two days ago, and his appetite suddenly became so good. The power of love is really extraordinary.

After Fang Shaohua finished eating, he let Gao Ru go first.

He paced non-stop in the living room.

I was groggy and drunk for a few days, and now I don't know what date it is.

Turned the phone and glanced at it at eight o'clock on Sunday evening.

Picking up the mobile phone and wanting to call Fang Xinxin, the sentence she refused seemed to ring in her ear, "Big brother, don't..."

He still disregarded her wishes and robbed her of her innocence.

She must hate him very much, right?

Afraid of hearing her hatred, fear of her despair...

However, even if she hates him, he must be responsible to her!

After hesitating for two hours, thinking of countless opening remarks in his mind, Fang Shaohua finally dialed Fang Xinxin's cell phone at ten o'clock in the evening.

No one answered after more than a dozen sounds.

He lowered his eyebrows, and sure enough, she didn't want to answer his call.

Fearful, he waited patiently. When the phone was about to automatically disconnect, Fang Xinxin's sleepy voice finally came from the phone's microphone, "Brother, are you awake?"

"you are sleeping?"

"Yes." She yawned.

"where are you?"

"The Royal Court."

There was a cold light on his handsome face, "Where is Bai Qinghao?"

"Not together. I don't know what he is doing." She was lying on the master bed, maybe Bai Qinghao was working in the study.

Fang Shaohua heard this, part of the coldness on his face faded.

She and Bai Qinghao dont sleep together, "Xinxin, you came to me before, I shouldnt kiss you..."

"Brother, don't mention it!" She was ashamed, "You just drank too much."

"You don't blame me?" He couldn't hide his joy in his tone.

"Everything happened, what's so strange." Anyway, he was so drunk that he wanted to kiss her, so she blocked his kiss with her hand.

It's just on the back of her hand.

When I was a child, the two of them played with each other, and the eldest brother kissed the back of her hand and kissed her face.

Fang Shaohua's heart was moved, and the joy almost burst out of his heart, "Xinxin, I...I will be responsible!"

Fang Xinxin froze on the phone, and immediately objected, "Brother, what are you talking about, don't! I am Bai Qinghao's fiancee. If you let him know what you think, it will be over!"

Brother really is. If you like her, you don't have to be responsible for kissing the back of her hand?

Thinking of his confession to her when he was drunk, he loved her... I guess he didn't want to suppress his love anymore before he said he was responsible.


"No," Fang Xinxin interrupted him aggressively, "Brother, I only have Bai Qinghao in my heart. You can only be my brother forever."

"..." But he didn't want to be her brother at all. Although, he has always been in this role since he was a child.

She seemed to remember something, and suddenly said apologetically, "Brother, I'm so sorry, my blood stained your sheets."