Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Xinxin I Love You

"It's okay." This made him very sexual. The joy of getting her for the first time slowly declined, because... she didn't want him to be responsible.

"By the way, you must stop drinking too much. If you are so drunk and you can't take care of yourself. I'm afraid of your alcohol poisoning." She whispered on the phone.

He listened carefully to her sweet and crisp voice, remembering every syllable of her.


I thought she would give him a chance...

Her rejection made him painful, but her concern warmed his gloomy heart, turning it into a little light, illuminating his gloomy life.

When she hung up, he took out the phone and turned out her photo.

It was still a photo of her a long time ago, and no new one has been taken yet.

Slowly, he lowered his head and pressed a kiss on her lips on the phone screen.

I muttered in my heart: Xinxin, I love you.


On Monday morning, Fang Xinxin went to school from the Regalia as usual. As Bai Qinghao left early in the morning, she refused the driver arranged by the housekeeper and still insisted on running to school.

Halfway through, a car stopped next to her, and Sun Jiamu in the cab waved to her, "Xinxin, get in the car."

"No need to lose weight."

Sun Jiamu knew that she still insisted on losing a few pounds of meat before she was willing to give up, and did not stop her, "You run and run like this every day, and you spend a lot of time in the gym. It's very hard.

Fang Xinxin snaked upward with one hand, and casually placed a POSS with one hand on his hips, "In order to develop towards perfection, I was exhausted."

"Fuck! I know you are for your male **** Bai Qinghao. But..." Sun Jiamu stared at her S-shaped curvy figure, with a thin willow waist and a straight buttocks. "Xin Xin, your figure is really good fast. Blew up. You are wearing loose-fitting sportswear. If you change to a tights, I can guarantee that there are not many girls in the school as good as you."

"You say so, it seems that my hard work has achieved results." She nodded in satisfaction.

Sun Jiamu scrutinized her, "Yes, if you lose a few pounds, it's not that all girls in the school are not as good as you, but that the girls in the entire imperial capital can't compete with you."

"SO, I'll continue running, you can drive first." She waved.

Sun Jiamu was not in a hurry, so he drove slowly, chatting with her and arrived at school.

After Jia Mu parked the car, he walked with her on the campus.

Fang Xinxin is now in good shape, with pale skin, but her face is ugly.

In addition, it is a recent news figure who has received countless attentions along the way.

In one morning, apart from receiving'comforts' from countless alumni and admiring her for being a super fat body, no one sprayed her as unfilial.

And many people sympathized with her having Fang Lilan's unsatisfied vampire mother.

When it was lunch time, Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu walked out of the classroom.

A man with a long stature looking very gentle and handsome was standing in the hallway outside the classroom.

Fang Xinxin glanced at him, it was actually Bai Chenxi's bastard.

Bai Chenxi was wearing a light blue shirt, paired with a pair of trousers, and a decent smile on her face. For a while, her handsome appearance provoked a few girls to contemplate.

He looked at the girl Lu Xu walking out of the classroom, as if looking for something.

The student fished out of the classroom, Fang Xinxin mixed in with the students and passed by him directly.