Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Understand The Feelings

"Jiang Xingnan, you must not like me!" Sun Jiamu waved his hand quickly with a frightened expression, "You are not my food."

"I heard it? You are not rare at all." Wu Jiatong laughed sarcastically.

Jiang Xingnan glanced at Fang Xinxin's slender figure, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her eyelids, "I only need to care about her."

Since Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu were standing together, everyone assumed that he was speaking to Jiamu.

Jiang Xingnan's follower Yuliang shook his head next to him, "Brother, when did you become like this..."

"What you can't get is the best." Jiang Xingnan spit out that proudly.

Sadness rises shallowly in his heart.

His youthful heart, which has never been in love, seems to...slowly understand what love is.

"Oh, there is nothing I can't get." Yu Liang giggled, "Brother, with your method, isn't it easy to get a Sun Jiamu?"

"Go go!" Jiang Xingnan snorted coldly, "Labor and capital are joking."

Sun Jiamu didn't want to be seen as a monkey, so he took Fang Xinxin's hand and left.

Bai Chenxi was blocked by Jiang Xingnan, and couldn't chase him. A faint anger flashed through his seemingly elegant eyes.

Fang Xinxin is a **** who has improved with the help of her figure, but will hang in a high posture.

It's not a face of acne, it's so ugly that it's disgusting to even look at it!

What if Bai Qinghao only had her in his heart, thinking that Bai Chenxi would send him up to humiliate her?

After lunch, lunch break.

Fang Xinxin slept in the lower bunk in the dormitory, while Sun Jiamu was in the upper bunk.

Wu Jiatong, who was in the same bedroom, stood on the balcony of the bedroom and saw the man standing under the tree on the first floor. He raised his voice to Fang Xinxin, "Fang Xinxin, is your concubine come to you again?"

"Keep your mouth clean. Whose concubine are you talking about?" Fang Xinxin shot her sharp eyes.

Her eyes were inexplicably deadly, Wu Jiatong couldn't help but shrank, and she was afraid of the identity of her fiance Bai Qinghao, and she didn't dare to touch it hard. Go to the classroom to find you? People are downstairs now."

This is a female boarder, and there is an aunt guarding the dormitory.

Boys cannot come up.

Before Bai Qinghao came, it was because no one dared to stop him.

The rest of the men are different.

"Don't make such a joke in the future!" Fang Xinxin gave Wu Jiatong a warning, "Otherwise, you won't lose a tooth."

Wu Jiatong was angry at the thought of a tooth that had fallen off the door frame of the bedroom. She never thought that Fang Xinxin used a supernatural power to make a ghost.

Its just that Bai Qinghao is very protective of Fang Xinxin, if he cant afford the Bai family.


With a bang, Fang Xinxin received a text message from Bai Chenxi:

[If you refuse to see me, I will always wait for you.

Fang Xinxin sullen her face. Bai Chenxi, this cheap man is really lingering, so scald him!

She walked to the rectangular table in the dormitory, picked up the kettle and poured half a pot of hot water, and walked to the balcony with the pot. One hard, a pot of hot hot water poured down towards Bai Chenxi under the tree on the first floor. .

Bai Chenxi kept staring at the dormitory on the second floor and saw Fang Xinxin approaching with a water basin. He was so frightened that he flashed aside.

Fortunately, it flashed so fast that the basin of water didn't drip on him, it just splashed his pants.

Looking at the steaming water stains on the ground, he was shocked, "Fang Xinxin, you actually showered me with hot water!"