Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 392

Chapter 392: We Have A Misunderstanding

"Don't get out, there are still ten pots of hot water waiting for you!" She left that sentence and walked back to the bedroom from the balcony.

Bai Chenxi's handsome face almost deformed in anger.

Sun Jiamu lying on the bunk in the bedroom was curious, "Xinxin, what is the matter with Bai Chenxi looking for you?"

"What else can I do?" Fang Xinxin curled her lips disdainfully, "He is a worm from the Bai family. Delusional to use me to approach Bai Qinghao."

"It turns out he is Bai Chenxi." Wu Jiatong had heard Fang Manxue mention the trouble between this man and Fang Xinxin before. "He doesn't look for so many people. Why do I look for you?"

"Simple, because I am Bai Qinghao's fiancee."

Wu Jiatong added a strange sentence, "How did I hear that you eloped with Bai Chenxi before?"

Fang Xinxin was not annoyed when he heard the words, and sneered, "Listen to my second sister Fang Manxue?"

She and Bai Chenxi's elopement was not reported.

With Wu Jiatong's rank, the Bai family's affair cannot be constructed.

Some time ago, the surname Wu was very fond of Fang Manxue. It is estimated that he heard it at that time.

"So what." Wu Jiatong snorted disdainfully, "Your second sister is hypocritical, and not every word is false. If you really have nothing to do with Bai Chenxi, he will be so infatuated. The school is waiting for you?"

"Stupid B. If the old lady really has something with him, can he pour the freshly heated hot water on him?"

Wu Jiatong was blocked and speechless.

She hates Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu, no matter which one is miserable, she is happy to see them.

In the playground not far away, a beautiful figure limped and walked towards the D1 dormitory building with a cane.

A girl with a walking stick shouted, "Look, Fang Manxue, the first hypocritical white lotus flower of this century, is here! She still has the face to come to school! Seeing her, I remembered her saying that she had cultivated for the tenth century. Bai Shicai became the fiance of Commander Bai."

"Hahaha, labor and management were so moved by her deep emotions at the time." Another boy laughed and said, "It turned out to be a fake who wanted to climb high!"

He glanced at her with disdain, "If it wasn't for Fang Manxue this **** who was abducting, labor and management would continue to beat her to death!"

Fang Manxue's face turned blue and white. She only expected that someone in the school might want to beat her violently, so she deliberately shook her lame legs and used a cane to pretend to be pitiful.

At least no one would do anything to her weak.

I wanted to go back angrily, and saw that many of the alumni nearby were all angrily trying to beat her.

Manxue was so scared that he hurriedly stopped on crutches to make a detour. Everywhere he passed, many students cast their contemptuous eyes on her.

Commander White has personally said that a hypocritical woman must be cast aside.

Because of long-term exercise, Fang Xinxin often bathes her feet in hot water even at noon.

Sitting comfortably in the lower bunk of the dormitory, after soaking his feet in hot water, he heard the students roaring outside, put on his shoes and walked to the balcony to see what happened.

It turns out that the second sister is here.

Fang Manxue walked downstairs to the bedroom and saw Bai Chenxi with a dry smile on her face, "Master Bai, why are you here? You are here to find Xinxin."

Bai Chenxi nodded slightly, "I have a little misunderstanding with her, I hope it can be clarified."

"Xinxin is a good girl, you have to treat her well." Fang Manxue said in a caring tone.

Several students stopped and someone asked curiously, "Are you talking about Fang Xinxin?"

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