Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Restless Heart

"I don't like Bai Chenxi, don't mess with me like your kind of anxiety!"

"..." Fang Manxue hated Fang Xinxin in her heart. This **** made her ruin, and God knows how much she wants to tear her alive!

But... I don't give her sometimes, I need a chance!

"No matter what, I'm also your sister." Fang Manxue was heartbroken, "Could it be that the second sister did something wrong, can't you be more generous?"

Wu Jiatong had a holiday with Fang Xinxin, and of course she helped Fang Manxue speak, "Yes, Fang Xinxin, as Commander Bais fiance, you are narrow-minded, but you have a reputation for insulting Commander Bai."

Fang Xinxin is not intimidated, "Should come to moral kidnapping! I even worry about my alumni living in the dilapidated dormitory, which shows that my heart is still broad, otherwise it is impossible to get a 100 million donation for Beijing University."

In fact, she never mentioned to Bai Qinghao about the shabby dormitory in Beijing University. Bai Qinghao took the charge without authorization.

Thank you for your fame!

"But I am not a bad person. Others treat me well, and I am sure to be good." Fang Manxue despised Fang Manxue, "My second sister is not worthy of being a scumbag. You are welcome to lick her toes. I will never be because of her. A few good words, dont care about the past. By the way, Jia Tong, didnt you flatter my second sister a few days ago?"

Sun Jiamu woke up in the upper bunk a long time ago, yawned, and laughed, "Yes, Wu Jiatong took a mouthful of Goddess Manxue, and said that he helped me say good things to Goddess Manxue, and Bai Qinghao didn't deal with it. My Suns enterprise. The result, hahaha!"

Wu Jiatong got the wrong thigh and walked out with embarrassment.

"I heard that Fang Manxue is not dead yet, come to school?" Senior girl Qian Xiaohe's voice sounded at the door of the bedroom next door. "Didn't anyone see her go back to the bedroom? Why no one."

"Yes, what about people." A bunch of girls' voices sounded.

Lou Yuna, the girl who was close to Man Xue in the bedroom of 202, said, "I'm close to her third sister next door."

With the sound of footsteps approaching, Fang Manxue turned pale, rushed in and hid in the bedroom of 2011, just about to close the door.

Qian Xiaohe led a bunch of girls to push the door open, "Fang Manxue, you have a face to come to school!"

"Yes, why didn't you get killed!" Several other girls echoed indignantly.

How can Fang Manxue not come? She is now notorious, and even her mother Fang Lilan's reputation has become a street rat.

The only thing left for her to be able to tell is the identity of a child from Beijing University. Notorious... is also a kind of fame.

With proper use, it is very likely to turn over.

Thinking like this in her heart, she asked gently on her face, "Xiaohe, you guys are looking for me, what's the matter? Even if I pretend to be Commander Bais fiance, it will harm the interests of my third sister. With you, It doesn't seem to matter. Are you going to stand up for Fang Xinxin?"

"Who made her come up for her?" Qian Xiaohe was at the school gate last time to confess to Xinxin, with grudges in his heart, "Why didn't you affect my interests? If it weren't for you to lie about Commander Bai's fiance, I will ask you to introduce him. Right? Now you make me the laughing stock of the whole school. Everyone thinks I am a loser."

You are the defeated girl. Fang Manxue mocked in her heart. Seeing that they are so many and powerful, she was afraid that she would be offended and suffer a loss. She said euphemistically, "I didn't expect this kind of misunderstanding. Actually, you are a good girl."