Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 397

Chapter 397: Bimi

Fang Manxue has a smile on her face, "Sanmei, as long as you don't care about me posing as Bai Qinghao's fiancee, I won't follow you."

Yuna also said, "Xinxin, I want to be your friend."

"Get away!" Fang Xinxin snorted before taking a step.

Jiang Xingnan blocked her in front of her with a silly look, "Oh, who am I. It turns out to be Fang Chou Chou."

Fang Xinxin glared at Jiang Xingnan, "Jiang's mouth is stinky, do you think you are handsome?"

"Labor is very handsome when he comes." Jiang Xingnan was confident about his appearance, "As for my bad breath..."

He approached Fang Xinxin and said in a volume that only her could hear, "Would you like to try kissing?"

"Neurotic!" Fang Xinxin pushed him away and walked away.

Fang Manxue felt refreshed when he heard Jiang Xingnans nickname for Fang Xinxin, "Brother, dont hang on to my sister like that, her heart is beautiful."

"Be less fake and pretend to be a good person." Jiang Xingnan didn't buy her account. "Your heart is even uglier than Fang Xinxin's face!"

"You..." Fang Manxue was angry, as if thinking of something, and asked with red eyes, "Brother, I have never had a relationship with you. The model outside the dormitory of Building D1 on the day of the Beijing University. Did you get the aerial photography of the plane?"

Without that aerial photography, things wouldn't be that big at all. Perhaps Bai Qinghao would not hold a theme meeting of such a big scene, and she would not lose her reputation and be beaten to death.

The bones all over the body are hurting now.

Jiang Xingnan is a smart person. Hearing her question, you know, "Do you hate the person who makes things so big?"

Fang Manxue was suspicious, "Didn't you do the aerial photography?"

Fang Xinxin, who had not walked far, heard the conversation between the two and couldn't help but stretch her ears to listen.

Of course it wasn't Jiang Xingnan, but Fang Xinxin.

However, she would not tell Fang Manxue.

I thought Jiang Xingnan would deny it, but he sneered, "What about it? What about labor and management, you can't control it."

Fang Manxue believed that he did it, and the tears in her eyes were rolling, "Brother, are you helping Fang Xinxin?"

"Why would I help Fang Xinxin that ugly girl?" Jiang Xingnan looked disapprovingly, glanced at the figure of prescription Xinxin not far away, but his eyes flashed.

"It's best if you don't help her." Fang Manxue relieved, "I heard that you like Sun Jiamu. Jiamu is a good person. You and her are born together..."

"Shut up to Lao Tzu." Jiang Xingnan shouted sharply, but his eyes fell deeply on Fang Xinxin's back.

Fang Manxue looked at his eyes thoughtfully.

It seems that the person Jiang Xingnan really likes is Fang Xinxin?

If it is...someone will be unlucky.

After Fang Manxue returned to class, she used the policy of mourning soldiers, apologized to classmates and said that she should not deceive others after she has changed his mind. For a while, a lot of understanding was obtained.

Fang Xinxin sat quietly at the desk, flipping through a book.

There are always people in the class who like to compare the two.

Liu Xu likes Fang Manxue and naturally helps her speak, "In fact, it is excusable for Manxue to pretend to be Commander Bai's fiancee. Who makes her so beautiful, Fang Xinxin is so ugly."

Before Yu Liang, Xinxin was moved and retorted, "You can't just pay attention to appearance. Even if Fang Xinxin is ugly, it is not like Fang Manxue's hypocritical goods!"