Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 402

Chapter 402:

With Bai Qinghao's shrewdness, I don't know that she has different opinions.

However, since she didn't dare to talk about running, she knew that she had converged, and she was justified.

The stern face eased a little bit of anger, and there was a touch of hot temperature in the clear eyes, he pulled the chair next to him, and ordered, "Sit down."

"Oh." She sat down beside him obediently.

Bai Qinghao held the bowl with the food in his hand. He hadn't moved the food in his hand. He used a spoon to scoop a spoonful of abalone porridge bibimbap to her lips and said in a deep voice, "Open your mouth!"

The maids waiting in the row stared wide.

I didn't expect that the commander, who has always been cold as an iceberg, would be so good to the other three young ladies.

If he can be his fiance, he is willing to live a short life of 30 years.

Fang Xinxin was embarrassed with a bitter face, "Bai Qinghao, don't you need to feed the baby like this?"

"A reward for you."

She raised her eyebrows and said, "Are you angry, and there are rewards?" Then she turned her head and angered him ten times eight times.

He approached her, Bingsen's eyes were scorching desire and hope, and he whispered, "Didn't you just say you're going to bed and wait for me? So behaved, this commander has always rewarded and punished me. If I don't reward you, I can't justify it."

"..." She just said casually, he took it seriously...

Can you take back the sentence about going to bed?

Staring at his slashing and cold face, she was afraid that he would swallow the sentence withdrawn.

She politely pushed the reward to his lips, "This is your meal, how can I enjoy it? I can just serve it separately."

It is obvious that she refuses to go to bed. He is so smart, he should understand?

Bai Qinghao didn't know if he didn't understand, or he pretended to be confused, and he said in a deep displeased voice, "We are unmarried couples, we share the same taste. Hurry up!"

She looked at the untouched food in his bowl...

He was obviously ready and didn't eat first.

But waiting to give her priority.

This man, cold and ruthless to outsiders, made the enemy frightened, but he was extremely caring for her.

Fang Xinxin opened her mouth very moved.

The delicious meals made by Chef Regalia just made her eat a sweet, sweet taste in her heart.

After the two had eaten, Fang Xinxin went to the master bedroom on the third floor first.

Bai Qinghao then entered the room, but he saw her sitting on the window frame and frowned, "What are you doing? How dangerous!"

"Didn't I say,'Go to the window' and wait for you." She smirked and raised a bright smile, "Being a person and believing, I don't break my word."

When Bai Qinghao heard the words, his stereotyped face showed a trace of anger, "Fang Xinxin, your Chinese is very standard, the bed is still a window, this commander can hear it very clearly!"

"It's the window..." she emphasized.

"Come down!" He beckoned, his tone stern and domineering, and he couldn't refuse.

"No." She was afraid that she would be thrown over by him...

Bai Qinghao's tall and mighty figure walked to her side, holding her hips with one hand, encircling her arms with the other, and hugged her directly.

Fang Xinxin grabbed the window frame and didn't let go, "What are you doing?"

"Fuck you!" An anger flashed in Bai Qinghao's eyes, "No one can play with this commander!"

Throwing her directly onto the bed, her stalwart body pressed against her soft and tender body, and with a big hand, the moving clothes on her body were instantly torn into rags.

In fact, it is very difficult to tear clothes by hand. To him, it was as simple as tearing paper, showing its strength.