Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 403

Chapter 403:

Fang Xinxin wanted to cry without tears, "Bai Qinghao, I didn't mess with you. My aunt is still not clean..."

His brows were almost frowned into a word Sichuan, and his cold eyes were suspicious, "It's been several days, haven't left?"

"It's been a long time this time." She said embarrassedly, "I used to be too fat, and my aunt is so fat that it's not normal anymore. I often don't come for a few months. Now I lose weight, a flood discharge takes a long time and a lot... "

He lowered his eyelids shyly.

Originally thought he would be angry, but there was a trace of concern in his deep and ink-like eyes, "Does it matter? Call a doctor to see?"

It is not convenient for Shi Qian to be a male doctor, so he has to arrange a female doctor.

"It doesn't matter, I went to the hospital." Actually, I went to the hospital after losing weight in my previous life. She said, "Its because of obesity. Ive lost weight and Im fine."

"Okay, then." He couldn't help being strong after hearing her say that.

He stretched out his big palm and gently stroked her scab-covered face.

The faint light of desire and hope stared directly into her clear and clear eyes.

Her eyes are particularly beautiful, clean and innocent, and shiny, even if you just look at her, they have an indispensable charm.

Fang Xinxin was crushed by his heavy and mighty male body, and he looked at his handsome face from the bottom up. It was so handsome!

Coupled with his unique and elegant cold temperament, any woman will be fascinated by him.

Fang Xinxin is no exception.

If it wasn't for the **** aunt who didn't go clean, God knows she might be more hungry than him!

She also raised her white and slender hand to caress his cold face. She really felt that after she became thin, her fingers were slender and the gesture of raising her hand became extraordinarily elegant.

She was so elegant that she wanted to intoxicate herself.

Touching the male god's face, I haven't had enough tofu yet.

Touch each other...

I saw him stroking her cheek suddenly stiff.

"What's the matter?" She looked into his hand...


He even held a small scab that fell off her face in his hand.

"Ah!" She was so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

He didn't expect a small piece of scab off her face, and explained, "I didn't tear it, it fell on its own."


Touching a face can drop a scab, she cursed inwardly.

How does this keep her perfect image in the heart of the male god?

"I know you didn't tear it." With a smile, her eyelids revealed the embarrassment of trying to pierce the ground.

He took a small scab on her face with his thumb and index finger, and looked carefully.

"What's so nice!" She winked.

He didn't continue to look, holding a scab in his hand, his body stiffened and got out of bed.

Because he was afraid that pressing her again would strengthen her uncontrollably.

He said blankly, "I'll go to the study and work, and I will come back to sleep later."

"Oh." She nodded.

Looking suspiciously at his tall and majestic back.

Running so fast, could he be disgusted by the scab off her face?

The thought made her face dark.

Bai Qinghao walked to the door and stopped, "Remember, what you owe now, wait for that to go, double compensation!"

If you can say that, it's not disgusting. A bright smile appeared on her face again, and she responded sweetly, "I see."

She didn't owe him a little bit.

At that time, he must be compensated for sleeping enough!

Seeing his tall figure coming out of the bedroom door, she ran over in two steps, "Wait a minute!"