Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Ho Come Get A Pen?

Liu Li carried a large box of candy and handed it to Fang Xinxin, "Ms. Fang San, your doctor used all of your 30,000 yuan to buy candy. He can't finish it by himself. I will give it to everyone. Let me give it to you. Take a copy too."

Fang Xinxin was surprised, "Bought all the sugar?"

"The commander asked to buy sugar. If you don't buy it, you are rebellious. Naturally, I bought them all."

"..." Fang Xinxin was speechless.

The military order fell like a mountain, and she understood that Bai Qinghao's words were similar to the imperial edict.

"Don't bother you two." Liu Li turned around, took a step, and looked back, "Madam, why don't you laugh at me?"

He looks like this, she didn't take the opportunity to sarcastic back?

Fang Xinxin glanced at Liu Li as fat as a pig's head, and put a layer of green potion on her skin. She looked more ghostly than her, "What's so funny? The heart of beauty, everyone You know. I'm not as unqualified as some people, and I always step on other people's painful feet."

Liu Li was embarrassed by her.

He used to laugh at her for being fat and ugly, very immoral.

Obviously the person with no quality is him.

Ashamed, Liu Li walked away with his fat head stung by bees.

Bai Qinghao's mighty tall body stuck in the room and waved to Fang Xinxin, "Come here!"

She slid into his arms like a ghost and said dullly, "Bai Qinghao, I can't scare you like a ghost..."

He encircled her slender body, thinking she was really petite, and raised his big palm to caress her little head, "Fool, whether you are alive or dead, you are my Bai Qinghao's woman. My woman, I What's to be afraid of?"

She raised her head and looked at him steadily, "What if I really die some day?"

If in this life, she is still stupid enough to be blinded and paralyzed.

She would rather commit suicide.

His stern thick eyebrows wrinkled an unpleasant crease, and he snapped, "No nonsense!"

"People have misfortunes and blessings, I mean in case!"

"Then I'll die with you." His expressionless face, his handsome and resolute face was covered with Shen Ning, "Don't worry. You will never be allowed to die before I die!"

"Bai Qinghao!" She moved around his sturdy waist actively.

Sobbing to cry.

In his previous life, he really fulfilled this promise.

In this life, she wants to reverse fate and not hold him back.

She wants to live well and will never allow him to die.

His jaw was tight, and his icy voice was full of pity, "Well, such a big person is still crying, eh?"

"Who is crying?" She refused to admit, "You didn't go to the study to work, why are you back again?"

He raised the pen in his hand, "Come and get the pen."

There was confusion in her moist eyes, "But, don't you have several in your study..."

He wouldn't admit that he came to see her specially. The thin and cold eyes were not irritating, and he made excuses at will, "This one is easier to use."

"Really." She took the pen in his hand and looked at it. "Although this pen is expensive, it's no different from the others in your study."

He blinked his big eyes ambiguously, "Handsome man, didn't you come to see me on purpose?"

"Cough!" He cleared his voice, his face icy, "Thinking too much."

Stride out of the room, leaving her with an invincible and stalwart figure.

"Hey..." She raised the pen in her hand. Didn't he say that this one is good, he came to get it specially?

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