Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Ten Luxury Cars 3

"There is nowhere to go where there is a lot of money." He said blankly, "You can help spend a little."

A row of maids admired a bunch of sparks with red hearts.

I thought: They can also help spend a little.

But it is also clear that if you say this, you don't need to order from the commander, they will be thrown out of the royal court by the butler.

After all, Royal Court does not need servants who do not understand the rules. Only Miss Fang San was favored by the commander.

Fang Xinxin was so touched that the whole body was braving a bubble of love, and he looked at Bai Qinghao hesitantly, "But, so many cars are too expensive..."

It was so expensive that she could barely afford it.

"Don't worry about this," he said coldly, "you just have to say whether you like it or not."

"Like it, I like it all!" She hugged him, "Bai Qinghao, can you not be so kind to me."

He raised his hand and stroked a strand of hair on her temple with compassion. The cold male voice was full of affection, "Fool, you are my woman. I'm not good to you, who is good to you?"

The woman who is you is so happy.

So happy she thought she was in heaven.

She sniffed, tears almost bursting into her eyes, "You don't want to buy me so many cars next time. I only need one. Or, you can take your car."

He frowned, different cars, different driving feelings.

He likes that she has more vehicles.

"Okay, otherwise I will be angry!" She thought, in case she wants to change the car in the future, he will give her such a big wave, then she really hurts his pocket.

Not wanting her to be upset, he could only stiffen his handsome face and nod his head slightly, "Let's go, I will try the car with you. Which one to try first?"

Limited edition Bugatti. This new car just came out, and it costs 100 million!

Fang Xinxin thought so, but she picked the cheapest M760LixDrive among the ten cars. She knew the official price was 2.668 million yuan.

Because she is afraid that if she chooses the most expensive car first, Bai Qinghao will buy her more expensive next time.

There is a super rich fiance, and the key is to treat her so well. It is really a headache to save money.

Fang Xinxin excitedly opened the driver's door of the M760 and sat in.

Bai Qinghao got into the passenger seat and looked at her with some doubts, "Xinxin, can you drive?"

According to the information he knew, she did not have a driver's license and could not drive.

Fang Xinxin touched the steering wheel's hand stiff.

Not at Fang's.

After marrying him in the previous life, he hired a special coach to teach her to drive, and even learned a lot of talent lessons.

Therefore, she has a driver's license.

It's just that she at this time does not.

I can't say it, she is already alive again, so she has to shake her head, "I won't."

Doubts still flashed in his Bing Rui eyes.

She had to say, "Too excited, I just touch the steering wheel!"

Bai Qinghao didn't believe this bad reason, but he didn't go into it deeply.

She had a headache, and some complained, "You said, I am someone who can't drive, and you suddenly bought me ten new cars."

Bai Qinghao's cold eyes glanced at the ten guards who got down from the ten cars outside, "They are all drivers I rationed to you." Moreover, they are all specially trained guards who can double as bodyguards.

"Why don't use so many drivers," she said, "one is enough, I can only take one car at a time."