Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Make Time To Be With You

Wei Youan stayed for three seconds. Didn't he offend the sir, is he over?

How could it become such a good thing as a promotion? He is not very capable, but he hasn't been promoted for more than ten years.

It's great to be able to go up one level!

His gaze fell on Fang Xinxin, and it instantly became clear that the kiss she had just had had effect.

In the past, I saw people make beautiful things. It was the first time I saw Fang Xinxin resort to ugly tricks.

Although it is not clear what Fang Xinxin put on her face now, she thinks of her ugly face on TV.

Wei Youan sighed, "Miss Fang San, you are beautiful in your heart."

Fang Xinxin didn't understand why she was suddenly praised.

Wei Youan is a Taoist man, knowing that the commander has sold Fang Xinxin's face, and said to her, "Thank you for your love just now."

"You're welcome." Fang Xinxin understood this time. The other party probably had seen her ugly on TV.

It can also be distinguished, he really praised her.

Passers-by could not see the truth clearly, and they all said, "The police officer is really good. Unexpectedly, you dare to stop Commander Bai's car!"

"It's not the usual courage, I think looking at the entire imperial capital, only you dare to stop!"

Wei Youan was framed by the masses on Liangshan, so he had to say, "Enforce the law impartially." He couldn't slap himself in the face. Didn't you know that Lord Commander was in the car?

"I thought Wei SIR was dead, but I didn't expect to be promoted. It is Commander White who is fair and strict, accepts punishment for not observing the rules, and sets an example for the people. I will learn from Commander White...We must abide by the rules!"

Passers-by were expressing humbly emotions.

Fang Xinxin pulled the car door and entered the back seat of the M760 car. This time I don't want to sit in the front passenger seat with Bai Qinghao.

Bai Qinghao didn't follow, "Fang Xinxin, I can only accompany you for thirty minutes, and there are still important things to return to the army."

"It's okay, go ahead." She smiled.

Bai Qinghao gave her an apologetic look.

He also wants to stay with her all the time, but his profession does not allow it.

The important tasks in the military can't be delayed.

A military off-road vehicle drove over and parked on the side of the road. Bai Qinghao got into the passenger seat and the vehicle drove away.

Wei Youan hurriedly saluted the passing vehicle, "Sir, go well!"

Fang Xinxin looked at the military off-road vehicle going away a little lost.

Alas, her male **** is really too busy.

I didnt come back to sleep last night, but today I only accompany her for 30 minutes...

Tong Yu drove on Fang Xinxins new car at will. From the rearview mirror above the center console, he saw Fang Xinxins unhappy expression and said, "Miss Fang San, dont be unhappy. The commander has been very busy recently. Every minute of staying with you is squeezed out. He actually just rushed back from the field this morning, and there will be a jun\shiyanxi who must be there to command."

"It's not unhappy, I just feel sorry for him being too busy." She pressed her lips.

Tong Yu said, "It seems that you don't like Bai Chenxi as it is said by the outside world." At least in his opinion, the relationship between Miss Fang San and the commander seems quite good.

"Can Bai Chenxi carry shoes for your commander?" she said, "I am not blind."

"No." Tong Yu answered directly.

Their commander is a god-like figure, although Bai Chenxi also comes from the Bai family, in their eyes, he is a weak scum.

"Then it's over." Xinxin nodded calmly.

Almost at the fork in the road, Tong Yu asked, "Where are you going now?"

She just wanted to talk about it, but Fang Shaohua sent her a text message at this time: