Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Ask My Boss

This is Fang Xinxin's second visit to a joint point of the Black Owl Organization.

In the dimly lit room, Aaron, a handsome foreign man with blond hair and blue eyes, saw her and greeted her warmly, "Hi! Miss Fang San."

To catch one of her hands, you must kiss the back of her hand.

Before his lips were pressed, Fang Xinxin pulled her hand back with a cold face, "The country is not happy to say hello with the back of her hand."

"It's okay, Miss Fang San." Aaron blinked blue eyes at her, "A hug is okay."

He opened his arms to her.

"This is a hooliganism." She coldly pushed him away.

With a bright smile on Aaron's face, he raised his index finger and shook it, "No, no, the three words hooligans are not a good meaning. I am interested in girls, so I show such enthusiasm. Face, as usual, I'm not so polite."

Even the people who came in to entrust them to the task were scared to death.

I looked at her carefully, "Ms. Fang San, you are really amazing. Last time, you were a big fat man. Now he is so thin...the proportions are so good, the entire empire is afraid that few women have such a great body. Up."

"Thanks for the compliment."

Aaron's eyes fell on her medicine-filled face, she couldn't see the true face under the medicine layer, and thought she was as ugly as last time, "It's a pity that your face..."

Fang Xinxin had no intention of telling him that she had become beautiful, "Okay, stop talking nonsense, where is the thief Wang Liangping who asked you to organize to find me last time?"

If this thief is not found, the case of the eldest brother has not progressed.

Aaron's face apologized, "I haven't found it yet."

"Didn't it mean that he is out of the mirror in Malaysia? For so long, it's enough for you to look through Malaysia upside down!"

"That guy is cunning, he is no longer in Malaysia." This is the truth.

Fang Xinxin scowled, "You said that it only takes a few days to find him. How many days is it now? This is the efficiency of your organization?"

"This..." Aaron frowned. "I didn't expect it. This is trickier than I thought."

"If your organization is incompetent, then I will ask someone to look for it."

"The ability of our organization is one of the best in the world. If the black lords can't find a person, unless the person is turned into ashes."

Fang Xinxin is about to be impatient, "Give you another week, if no one can be found, I will cancel the order and tell the world that your organization is incompetent."

After that, she turned to leave.

Aaron gave a look, and the middle-aged man who had opened the door stopped her.

Aaron said from behind her, "Miss Fang San, you know what line of business we are in. With your threat just now, I can kill you directly!"

The black owl organization does not allow anyone to destroy the reputation of the industry!

If it were ordinary people, he would have been horrified by his words.

After all, the various dark deceptions of the Black Owl organization did not do much.

Fang Xinxin was not afraid of him and snorted coldly, "If I die, believe it or not Bai Qinghao will shovel your organization? Moreover, if I can't get out of this door, your organization will be incompetent and the news that you will murder the employer who placed the order will be heard immediately. It will be leaked to the world. Your organization can also be closed."

What's more, Xin's ability is not so easy to die.

"Remember, in seven days, I want to see Wang Liangping!" Fang Xinxin sternly threw a sentence, bypassing the middle-aged man, and went out of the door.