Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 42

Chapter 42: A Piece Of Eight Bought Love Apples

In the previous life, she was a person who never bought lottery tickets, because she believed that the chance of winning was equivalent to nothing.

However, after watching the news in her previous life, the day after Gu Linyuan died, she saw the results of the lottery in the newspaper.

She has supernatural powers, and someone like her is a genius and never forgets.

I clearly remembered the grand prize number in the result of a certain lottery lottery tomorrow, which was 5 million per column. She bought 17 columns.

In other words, the seventeen-column lottery ticket she bought with thirty-four dollars in her hand will become 85 million yuan tomorrow.

Putting away the lottery ticket in her hand, she took a piece of 80 cents and stood at the counter of the fruit supermarket next to the hospital. She asked with some embarrassment, "Can I buy a little fruit for a piece of 80 cents? Anything will do. ."

She wanted to buy this piece of eight as a lottery ticket, but she got two yuan and one stick, and it was two cents short, so she couldn't buy it.

The salesperson at the fruit supermarket counter said, "A piece of eight...Can you add more?"

"I only have one and eight cents."

"Well, can I sell you an apple? The cheap one is big and fresh. It usually costs ten yuan apiece. It happened to be a special offer today."

"Okay." Fang Xinxin paid an eighty cent and took an apple.

This time, there was really no dime in the pocket, and it was clean.

Fang Xinxin took the apple in exchange for the only asset, looked up at the blue sky, and thought to herself: There will be bread and milk!

Behind the newsstand at the corner, Fang Manxue stood there and saw Fang Xinxin enter the hospital.

She went to the toilet just now, so she only saw Fang Xinxin coming out of the fruit supermarket and walking into the hospital. She didn't see Fang Xinxin sending Gu Linyuan to the hospital before, but now she is actually returning.

Today is the day when Bai Chenxi is discharged from the hospital. Given Fang Xinxin's feelings for Bai Chenxi, he will definitely come to pick him up and leave the hospital.

She came here deliberately, and she saw Fang Xinxin, a bitch, coming to meet her husband.

Pulling out her mobile phone, she took a photo of Fang Xinxin's back in the hospital, and sent the photo to Bai Qinghao via text message with the text:

Commander, today is the day when Bai Chenxi was discharged from the hospital. I was shopping and I did not expect to see Fang Xinxin enter the hospital...

After sending the text message, she walked to the counter of the fruit supermarket that Fang Xinxin bought before, and took out two red hundred-dollar bills from her purse, and said in style, "Give you a tip. I have long hair, fat, and acne. What did your fat lady buy here?"

The teller took the tip and said with a smile, "You said that the fat lady in sportswear, she bought an apple for RMB 80 cents."

"It only took a piece of eight?" Fang Manxue was puzzled.

"The young lady said she only had one and eight cents in total."

"She was originally a poor ghost. How rich like this lady!" Fang Manxue mentioned Fang Xinxin, with a look of contempt on her face.

"You seem to be richer than her." The teller gave her a tip and casually complimented her.

"What does it mean to look richer than her? She compares with me, she is the beggar in the street, and I am the daughter of the Fang Group!" Fang Manxue left with a proud head.

The teller glanced at her back contemptuously. Who is it, his eyes are from heaven.

Fang Manxue bought the message for 200 yuan, after thinking about it, she edited a text message and sent it to Bai Qinghao:

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