Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Who Gave The Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine Roses?

Sun Jiamu appeared behind her, "Xinxin, are you not going to watch the fun?"

"What's so nice." She shook her head.

She was not interested in Jiang Xingnan's affairs.

"Don't you want to know who threw Jiang Xingnan into the lake?"

"I don't want to."

Sun Jiamu said, "I was walking by the lake just now and saw two guards directly carrying Jiang Xingnan and throwing it into the lake. The water splashes were so high. The guards also threw Jiang Xingnan. Obviously your fiance did a good job."

Fang Xinxin finally got a little curiosity, "Why did Bai Qinghao send someone to throw him?"

"How do I know. But..." Sun Jiamu said, "Xinxin, there are rumors in the school that Jiang Xingnan is going to accept you. Could it be that Jiang Xingnan likes you and was known by your fiance?"

Fang Xinxin smiled, "Why would Jiang Xingnan like me? He said to clean up me, not to take me."

In the memory of the previous life, Jiang Xingnan had no interest in her except that she hated her.

"A lot of people heard it, but they accepted you." Sun Jiamu said affirmatively.

Fang Xinxin frowned, "This is what Jiang Xingnan said an hour ago. The news spread so quickly."

"Brother one, he has a great influence in this school."

Fang Xinxin thought of another thing.

If Bai Qinghao really heard this rumor, he would attack Jiang Xingnan. Then...

Her every move was reported to Bai Qinghao.

However, Fang Xinxin felt that Jiang Xingnan was a bit wronged, "Jiang Xingnan has suffered in vain this time, and was thrown into the lake. Not to mention that the lake is cold, but his brother's face has been lost."

"Are you worried about him?" Sun Jiamu said with a smile on his face, "Couldn't you be interesting to Brother One?"

"Of course not." Fang Xinxin said directly, "Except for Bai Qinghao, I don't call any male animals."

"It's so dedicated." Sun Jiamu laughed and played with her, threw herself on her body, tickling her.

Fang Xinxin turned over, pressed her under her body, and raised her chin with one hand. "Beauty, the students in the school all say that Jiang Xingnan likes you. Now he may like me, so are you not angry at all?"

Sun Jiamu was amused by her frivolous demeanor, "People would rather be friends with you for a lifetime than marry Jiang Xingnan. Just like you said, don't call him."

"Hahaha!" Fang Xinxin smiled, "One brother must have never thought that he was rejected by both of us at the same time!"

The two quarreled for a while, when Fang Xinxin and Tong Yu agreed to pick her up, they made a phone call and asked him to send her medicinal paste in jars, so he didn't need to pick her up.

Bai Qinghao is not in the royal court, and she doesn't bother to go. I still live in the school dormitory these days.

When Fang Xinxin walked into the classroom of the teaching building the next morning, all the students' eyes fell on her face.

Her face was covered with medicated mud like yesterday.

In theory, everyone should not be surprised.

An ordinary-looking young man in work clothes walked up to Fang Xinxin with a large bouquet of roses, and asked affectionately, "Is this Miss Fang Xinxin?"


"These are nine hundred and ninety-nine roses. A gentleman gave you. Please sign for it!" The young guy handed her a large bouquet of roses and showed a receipt. "You can sign the receipt. Up."

Fang Xinxin's eyes fell on Jiang Xingnan in the last position of the first row of the class.