Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 424

Chapter 424: You At The Same Table

He looked refreshed, he didn't get sick because he was thrown into the lake, and as usual, he prepared a cup of coffee on the desk and tasted it elegantly.

She didn't know if he sent this bunch of flowers.

Or the **** of Aaron?

Anyway, Bai Qinghao is out of town, so the person who gave the roses could not be Bai Qinghao.

So, she said coldly, "Sorry, I refuse to sign for it."

"No, the gentleman who ordered the flowers confessed that you must sign for it. If you don't accept it, the flowers will be thrown away." The young guy's face flashed helplessly.

"Throw it away." Fang Xinxin walked around him and walked to her seat, and found that classmate Yu Liang actually took her place, "What do you mean? Why take my place!"

Yu Liang said embarrassedly, "Today the position of the entire class has been adjusted. It is always sitting in the previous sitting position. It is unfair to sit in the back for students with myopia. Therefore, everyone decided to re-adjust the sitting position by drawing lots. where."

"Where is the lottery jar?"

Yu Liang pointed to the podium.

Fang Xinxin walked towards the podium.

Many girls in the class looked enviously at the bouquet in the hands of the florist, Wu Jiatong said, "Handsome, it's a pity that you threw the rose in your hand, why don't you give it to me?"

"Send me, send me!" a few more girls said.

The young man holding the flowers was very embarrassed, "This bouquet has 999 roses, which symbolizes the meaning of love. Such a large bouquet of flowers is expensive, and it is best to sign for it by Fang Xinxin."

Hearing this, several girls couldn't ask for it anymore. Wu Jiatong asked, "Who gave the flowers?"

"The gentleman did not reveal his name."

"I really didn't figure it out. Even if Fang Xinxin loses weight and is in good shape, with such an ugly face, some people send flowers." Wu Jiatong said sourly.

Sun Jiamu said angrily, "We Xinxin is the beauty of the soul, and men just admire her. If they don't admire you, how come?"

"You!" Wu Jiatong wanted to rush over to slap Sun Jiamu, when he thought of the last time his brother said that he should not touch Sun Jiamu.

Furious again.

Fang Xinxin walked to the podium and looked at the transparent glass jar with only a note.

She looked around the classroom again, and all the classmates' seats had been rearranged. In the entire classroom, only Jiang Xingnan had an empty desk.

In other words, even if she draws the last remaining lottery, she can only sit next to Jiang Xingnan.

Fang Xinxin asked, "Is this drawing fair?"

A classmate answered, "It's very fair. You can pick a slip of paper randomly. You are late by yourself, so there is only one left."

Fang Xinxin took out the only piece of paper in the glass jar and opened it. It said the last seat in the second vertical row.

One vertical row and two vertical rows are put together.

That is, she said unwillingly, "But, why would I be at the same table with Jiang Xingnan?"

Wu Jiatong has been fond of Jiang Xingnan for a long time, how much she wants to take a place at the same table with a brother, but unfortunately, she just missed, "You can laugh at the same table with a brother, the blessing that you cultivated in your last life."

"Then I don't want this blessing." Fang Xinxin immediately decided, "Wu Jiatong, let's change seats."

"Really?" Wu Jiatong looked happy and immediately blocked her with words, "Don't regret it!"

Just about to walk to the empty table next to Jiang Xingnan, Jiang Xingnan handed it over with a cold look, "This young master'conforms to the public opinion' rules, who dares to break?"