Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Who Can Understand The Pain In His Heart

He glanced at the bunch of oversized roses, and he looked away.

Fang Xinxin really couldn't tell who gave this bouquet of roses.

After a class, she listened carefully to teacher Aaron's lecture.

I have to say that he really has a level.

Also, how can an institution of higher learning like Beijing University allow a scum to come in as a teacher? Naturally, there is a school's assessment and interview system.

It seems that the black owl organization is not just some desperate desperadoes, but also has high-quality talents.

Of course, such an underground organization that has penetrated into the international high-end is obviously full of talents in all aspects.

Jiang Xingnan peeked at Fang Xinxin from time to time. She listened to the class quietly and seriously, sitting upright, exuding a noble and demure temperament.

It made him feel an illusion that she had a particularly noble background.

It is also true that she is not of a low birth, the daughter of the chairman of a medium-sized company.

The more he looked, the more attracted he was by her.

Although I can't see what her face looks like under the medicated mud, her eyes are very bright with watery eyes, black and white, like dazzling black pearls immersed in a sea of wisdom.

He almost ignored her looks and was deeply addicted to her.

Perceiving Jiang Xingnan's peeping, Fang Xinxin turned her head sideways and asked in a low voice, "What are you looking at?"

He immediately looked away like a thief and was caught, "Who is looking at you."

She laughed sarcastically, "I didn't say you were looking at me? Don't confess."

"I..." Jiang Xingnan was speechless for a while.

During this period of time, his eyes always follow her involuntarily.

In fact, he didn't know when she started, he thought she was not ugly at all, even when she was still fat, he felt that she had a special charm.

It's a pity that he found a very depressing thing, that is... She has never looked at him with her straight eyes!

Plus she has such an excellent fiance...

Constantly irritating her, saying that she is ugly is also a way to get her attention.

After all, to make her hate him fiercely is also a kind of remembering in disguise, isn't it? Therefore, every time he saw her, he sneered at her for being ugly.

Who can understand the bitterness of his heart?

After the get out of class bell rang, Teacher Aaron took the initiative to walk towards Fang Xinxins desk and stood beside her with a bright smile, "Hi, Xinxin, are there any questions you dont understand in class? Welcome to the teacher anytime. consult."

"No." She said simply.

Aaron's gaze fell on the huge bouquet of roses that filled the entire desk, "Do you still like this bouquet?"

Fang Xinxin originally wanted to ask, did he send it?

But in case he said yes, the teacher gave the students roses, and if this spreads out, the whole Beijing University could be boiled.

So he pressed his lips and didn't ask any questions.

Fang Manxue came over, her face a bit ugly.

Yesterday, Teacher Aaron praised her for being beautiful. Hearing what he said, it seemed that he gave Fang Xinxin the flowers.

Such a big deal!

Fang Xinxin didn't want to ask a question, she Fang Manxue wanted to ask, "Teacher Aaron, would you send such a big handful of roses to my third sister?"

Classmate Wu Jiatong was jealous of Fang Xinxin and Jiang Xingnan at the same table, mockingly, "Fang Xinxin, are you really capable of seduce the teacher?"

Fang Xinxin frowned and just about to get angry, Aaron waved her hand quickly, "Oh no, no, no, Xinxin is a good student, you can't get her wrong. I didn't send the flowers."