Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Xing Nan Bang Xin Xin

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Manxue coldly, "I love the flowers that others give me. I don't lose it. It's your shit!"

"I think you just want to go out of the wall, I'm sorry Commander Bai..." Fang Manxue gritted his teeth with anger.

Fang Xinxin kicked her calf, and Fang Manxue was kicked to the ground. She wailed in pain, "Ah, Fang Xinxin, you kick me!"

Who makes this bitch's mouth mean. Fang Xinxin was cold in her heart, but she put on a look of horror on her face, "Oh, you wronged me. When did I kick you?"

All the students in the class gathered around, Fang Manxue's eyes were filled with tears that seemed to fall away, and she was particularly pitiful, "I didn't wronged her, you guys, look at me, my legs were all kicked red..."

Hmph, Fang Xinxin is proud of this kick, she must have a reputation for bullying this bitch.

Lifting the trousers, the purple-red traces on the feet were revealed.

"Fang Xinxin, your second sister is just kindly helping you throw away unwanted flowers, you shouldn't kick her no matter what?" Wu Jiatong had a grudge against her and immediately stood on Fang Manxue's side.

The other classmates wanted to speak up. Fang Xinxin would not be a soft bun like in his previous life, and immediately said, "Dont take it out of context. Didnt you hear my second sisters nonsense, saying that Im out of the wall? What I havent done, Its a casual slander like this? You didnt know when the staff at the florist brought the flowers. The other party didnt leave a name. I dont know who sent the flowers. Lets say...

Her gaze fell on the bruise marks on Fang Manxue's legs, "I said I didn't kick my second sister, she wronged me. Maybe she made the red marks to plant me."

"You're talking nonsense!" Fang Man was so angry, she didn't expect that she would not admit that she kicked herself, "You obviously just kicked it!"

Fang Xinxin had a clear expression, "I understand, Fang Manxue, you are deliberately thinking that I will bully your bad reputation, right?"

Someone listened and thought it made sense, and helped Fang Xinxin speak, "Fang Manxue, this is what you are wrong. All things that slander your third sister have been done."

"Don't believe her!" Fang Manxue was anxious, looked at Jiang Xingnan who was at the same table with Fang Xinxin, "Brother, did you see what happened just now? You are fair, as long as it is Everyone believes what you said!"

"Yes, brother, what happened just now?" the boy Liu Xu asked, "Who is telling the truth about Fang Manxue and Fang Xinxin?"

Fang Xinxin's face sank.

Jiang Xingnan, the **** who hates her so much, will definitely help Fang Manxue.

It was really a difference. From the angle just now, she avoided the sight of other classmates and gave Fang Manxue a kick. Jiang Xingnan must have seen it clearly.

"Of course it is Fang Manxue..." Jiang Xingnan made a long tail leisurely.

Man Xue immediately burst into tears of joy, and said pitifully, "Look, my classmates, my brother has already spoken justice for me..."

Before the onlookers could react, Jiang Xingnan added, "Of course it was Fang Manxue who lied. This young master saw Fang Manxue hit the corner of the table and slandered Fang Xinxin."

Fang Xinxin didn't expect Jiang Xingnan would help herself, a hint of surprise flashed in her moist eyes.

A bunch of contemptuous eyes were cast to Fang Manxue, "You are too low, right? You do all the things that self-harm and slander people?"

Sun Jiamu sneered, "Why don't you jump off the building, saying that Fang Xinxin is going to push you down?"