Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Disdain For Impersonation

Before Fang Xinxin clicked on the photo, Sun Jiamu came over, "My dear, who do you think pretended to be your fiance and gave you your phone?"

"It's not Aaron anyway."

"Why?" Sun Jiamu thought for a while, "Actually, it is very likely that it is Aaron."

Fang Xinxin shook her head, "Aaron wants to chase me, and the average teacher must be particularly evasive. He is so upright, such a character is unlikely to pretend to be someone else's name."

Unless, Aaron has a special task that needs to be done.

It's just a mobile phone, it's completely unnecessary.

"That's Brother Yi?" Sun Jiamu continued to guess.

Fang Xinxin felt strange, "Why do you think it is Jiang Xingnan."

"He likes you." Jia Mu said affirmatively.

"No way."

"Trust me." Sun Jiamu gave her an ambiguous look, "The authorities are fascinated, the bystanders are clear. As long as I am with you, I will always meet Jiang Xingnan, but when I am alone, I never meet him. Even, sometimes with He passed by, he didn't even see me."

"But Jiang Xingnan helped you twice in full view..." She raised doubts.

Sun Jiamu pulled Fang Xinxin back into the bedroom. Wu Jiatong had already left anyway. It was convenient for only two people to talk, "At the beginning, I also had this misunderstanding. But the two times Jiang Xingnan helped me, I was helping you out. . In other words, Jiang Xingnan wants to help you."

"When you say that, it seems like this..."

"What seems to be, it is." Sun Jiamu looked affirmative, "You don't know. Yesterday I was queuing for a meal in the cafeteria. A boy jumped in front of me. I had a conflict with him. Jiang Xingnan was watching me being caught. A boy bullied, he didn't even give me a look in his eyes. How does this seem to like me?"

Fang Xinxin caught another point, "Who is bullying you? Tell me, labor and management go and throw some snakes on him!"

"My dear, you are so kind to me, I'm so touched!" Sun Jiamu hugged her, "No, that boy didn't join the team, he was despised by several students, and left in a hug."

Fang Xinxin patted her shoulder, "So what, if Jiang Xingnan really likes me, everyone thinks he likes you, aren't you angry?"

"What's so angry about this, I don't call Jiang Xingnan." Sun Jiamu said a little apologetically, "I only found out that Jiang Xingnan likes you these days. Before, I let everyone misunderstand, because...I can't beat Wu Jiatong and let The person surnamed Wu mistakenly thought that a brother was covering me, so there was less right and wrong."

"Don't worry, I am covering you." Fang Xinxin said with a heavy look, "Whoever dares to move you, labor and capital will take half of his life."

"Uuuuu..." Sun Jiamu howled dryly, "My dear sisters, I was so touched."

"Okay, to be serious. Jiang Xingnan is a little arrogant. He is at most anonymous and disdains to pretend to be someone else to give things." Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu are getting better and better, so I won't hide her, "Who is it? I have sent someone to check it out, and it will be clear after a look."

With that, I clicked on Chi Minzhe's WeChat box to check the photos he sent.

The photo is of a mobile phone store. The female staff member who has just been here stands at the glass counter in the store, and is handing an unsigned mobile phone together with the packaging box to a handsome young man.

It is the profile of the man taken, but it is easy to recognize.