Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 434

Chapter 434:

He said, kicking the girl into the lake with one kick. How dare you say that he likes sows and can't spare!

"Ah, help, I don't know how to swim!" The girl fluttered in the water.

The other boys who can swim and dare not save people.

The first brother is the overlord and demon on campus. He kicks people and fights against him will be miserable.

The girl was throwing in the lake, and she was really awakening, "Brother, I was wrong...You like Fang Xinxin..."

"Who asked you to say this!" Jiang Xingnan's face was stiff and ugly, "Continue to wake up!"

"I, I shouldn't... mind your business..." She choked the water and threw a few times before sinking into the lake.

Jiang Xingnan made a gesture and did not know where a bodyguard popped into the water and picked up the girl.

The girl was soaked and coughed constantly.

Jiang Xingnan gestured, and the bodyguard respectfully hid it again.

"Brother, do you... bring bodyguards?" A boy was surprised.

"Nosy." Jiang Xingnan left with a gloomy face.

He didn't want to get a bodyguard by the side, but yesterday Bai Qinghao's guards threw him into the lake.

He was so depressed.

So, getting a bodyguard feels safer psychologically.

Because he knew that Bai Qinghao's guards were all well-trained, and he really wanted to move him.

No matter how many bodyguards follow behind his ass, it's useless.

In the next three days, Teacher Aaron publicly gave Fang Xinxin signed flowers, but he gave carnations.

Said to represent friendship.

He wants to chase her, starting with a friend, and can't send a rose representing love as soon as he comes up.

Teacher Aaron liked her thing and it spread all over the school at once.

Fang Xinxin refused to accept his carnations, and confronted him directly, throwing away the flowers he gave.

Except during class, she never had any contact with Aaron during the rest of the day.

On the fourth night, Fang Manxue secretly received news that Bai Qinghao had returned a day earlier!

Moreover, he probably wanted to give Fang Xinxin a surprise, but he didn't tell her about it.

Fang Manxue's lips raised a conspiracy smile.

Fang Xinxin stood on the balcony in the bedroom of Building D1, Beijing University, and looked at the moon tonight.

The bright moon was covered by dark clouds, the cold wind was blowing in gusts, the wind was blowing and the clouds were surging, and there seemed to be a kind of squally and rainy rain.

She remembered that tonight in her previous life, her cell phone quickly lost its signal.

Then, on the way to the off-campus canteen to buy things, someone covered her nose from behind. When she woke up, she was in a hotel. Moreover, she was only wearing underwear at the time, and Jiang Xingnan was pressing on her with a look of disgust. Hate.

"Fang Xinxin, you mean woman, dare to drug labor and capital!" Jiang Xingnan's eyes were red, and the angry roar at her seemed vivid, "You just want to seduce labor and capital and let me fall down on your fat and ugly body. Come on? Tell you, even if you force me to succeed, I will disgust you forever!"

At that time, her body was limp, and there was a sensation of fire and heat all over her body.

She could hardly see Jiang Xingnan's face, and thought it was an illusion to hear his roar.

Bai Qinghao somehow broke into the hotel room and threw Jiang Xingnan out.

Then, Bai Qinghao took her wildly and violently, and asked her frantically, "A Bai Chenxi is not enough, how can you seduce men with no shame!"

"Is Jiang Xingnan better than me, or Bai Chenxi better than me? You are so mean!"

The furious... accompanied by Bai Qinghao's lion-like roar, after so many years, it still echoed in her ears.

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