Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 435

Chapter 435:

She came down all night and was almost tossed to death by the crazy Bai Qinghao. The next day, when she woke up, her whole body was so sore that she could hardly get out of bed, and her whole body was full of bruises.

Bai Qinghao has already left.

At that time, she knew very well that she was designed by others!

She originally planned to tell Bai Qinghao that she did not seduce Jiang Xingnan and wanted him to investigate the matter thoroughly, but did not see him for several days.

Going to the Royal Court, a guard said that the commander refused to see him.

Now think about it, isn't that guard Li Bingpan?

A person who was bought by the second sister Fang Manxue.

Later, she learned that Bai Qinghao was almost mad because of her opening a room with Jiang Xingnan.

His internal organs have been injured before, and nothing will happen if he doesn't move his anger.

But this incident caused his whole heart to flow backwards, and his viscera was almost torn apart. He was admitted to the hospital several times and almost died.

He was waiting for her to explain something every day. He even asked the guards to go to Fang's house to pass on a word. As long as she was willing to explain something, he would choose to believe her!

Someone from the Fang family relayed it on her behalf, saying that Fang Xinxin just hates him, Bai Qinghao, and sleeps with men all over the world, she doesn't bother him touching it!

Originally, Bai Qinghao didn't believe she would say that, and wanted to question her face to face.

As a result, Bai Qinghao received a text message from her mobile phone. The content of the text message was also sleeping with men from all over the world, and he was not allowed to touch her.

As for Jiang Xingnan, after being thrown out of the hotel room at that time, she couldn't stand the effects of the medicine, so she directly found a lady who came out to sell her body and solved her urgent need.

In the same way, I hate her even more.

Fang Xinxin recovered from memory.

Looking at the time on the phone screen, there is one hour left. By 8:30 in the evening, her phone will lose its signal.

Her mobile phone is too bad, and the signal is sometimes bad.

In the previous life, after this happened, she returned to Fang's house the next day and her cell phone recovered.

Thinking about it now, it's not that the signal is bad at all.


Her mobile phone card number was reissued. In the big city of the imperial capital, some business locations that can replenish the card only close at 8 or 9 in the evening.

Therefore, as soon as the new card number was issued, her old mobile phone card became a useless card.

Who can do that if you need the original ID card to make up your card?

Her ID card was at Fang's house some time ago, but it disappeared without a hitch.

I couldn't find it no matter how to find it.

At that time, she thought, anyway, she has no longevity, and it doesn't matter who takes her ID.

She was deceived by someone holding her certificate.

Fang Xinxin squinted her eyes, and according to various analyses of past life memories, Jiang Xingnan would appear in the same room as her in the hotel, and she must have been taken off.

It is estimated to be a demon with her mobile phone number.

Thinking of this, she immediately dialed Jiang Xingnan's phone.

After only two rings, Jiang Xingnan's voice came from the other end of the phone, "Fang Xinxin, you took the wrong medicine, so you actually called me?"

His voice was kept as steady as possible, but from his tone, she could hear a trace of excitement that could not be hidden.

"Jiang Xingnan, listen." Fang Xinxin said solemnly, "For a while, no matter who uses my mobile phone number to send you any message, you should not go wherever you go!"

"Hey...what are you doing?" He was puzzled.

"Just listen to me."

"Why should I listen to you?" The male voice over there suddenly became a bit bad.

Fang Xinxin rubbed her forehead with a headache. What could she say to prevent him from suspecting that she could be a prophet?