Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Are You Coming

The monkey didn't doubt that it had it, and turned around and walked out of the hotel room, but the door was vacant and not closed.


At this time, Jiang Xingnan suddenly received a text message from Fang Xinxin on his mobile phone:

[Jiang's mouth is stinky, Room 615 of the Royal Palace and White Dew Hotel, "make an appointment", do you have the guts to come?

Jiang Xingnan stared at the message on the phone, Chi Guoguo's seduction.

Although the Royal Capital Hotel is not very high-end, but the environment is good, the famous "Cannon" hotel is still very famous.

Thinking of Fang Xinxin's delicate figure, fair skin, and chest, buttocks, and upturned, the young man immediately became excited.

Especially, he likes Fang Xinxin in his heart and really wants to go to this appointment.

But Fang Xinxin called in advance, saying that her mobile phone number would be stolen by Fang Manxue, but Fang Manxue actually asked him to open a room.

He didn't want to be entangled by Fang Manxue's hypocritical bitch.

Some regretful staring at the text message for a while, he did not reply.

[Jiang's mouth stinks, are you a man? The old lady opened the room, you don't have the guts to come?

A text message came again.

The corner of Jiang Xingnan's lips evoked a sarcasm.

The tone on the text message pretended to be ugly like Fang Xinxin.

It's a pity, Fang Xinxin can't ask him to open a room.

Originally, he was very curious to go to Room 615 of the Royal Palace Hotel to see what happened.

But when he thought of Fang Xinxin's previous phone call, no matter where he was asked to go on the text message, don't go.

Although he murmured against her, why should he listen to her?

I don't really want to fight her.

In order to attract her attention, he was enough to choke her.

If he were to be curious about her second sister Fang Manxue, she might be even more offended.

Besides, his partner Manxue didn't have any sexual interest. He is so rich and handsome, and there are not so many women who want to ask him to open a house.

[Is it coming or not? Tell someone! The text messages sent over there are unforgiving.

Jiang Xingnan was a bit irritated, Fang Manxue is a bitch, a real wave!

He called back angrily, ready to scold her, but no one answered after dozens of ringing.

I didn't have the courage to answer the phone, which shows that it is indeed not Fang Xinxin himself.

He sent a message in the past: [Not interested in you, let the labor and management go!

The woman on the other end is really Fang Manxue. She stared at his reply, she didn't expect such a situation.

Jiang Xingnan has a crush on Fang Xinxin, thinking that the gun is an agreement.

Can't afford to waste time.

The original intention was to trick Jiang Xingnan into room 615 of the Danfeng Hotel and Fang Xinxin's "good deeds", and then inform Commander Bai that they happened to see the two roll their sheets in the past, so that Fang Xinxin will always roll down the throne of Commander Bai's fiance.

The monkey had already taken Fang Xinxin to the hotel room. This time he fainted her and took her there. If she was prepared next time, it would be difficult to act like this again.

Fang Manxue definitely does not want to waste such a good opportunity.


Her third younger sister now does not have a man to solve her desire and fire, and she will be overwhelmed...

Please don't move Jiang Xingnan, she immediately shifted the target, imitating Fang Xinxin's words and sent a message to Bai Chenxi:

[Sorry, Chenxi, I had a bad attitude before. In fact, I have always loved you and admired you since I was little. My indifferent attitude towards you deliberately **** you off, I know I was wrong. Room 615 of Royal Suites and Towers Hotel, I drank too much and wanted to...Are you coming?

Bai Chenxi over there quickly responded with a very excited tone: [Xinxin, is what you said true?