Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 44

Chapter 44:

When Fang Xinxin went through the formalities, she had already told her identity, "Chairman Gu is too polite."

She played with the apple in her hand, "This is the fruit I bought to visit the second person. There is only one apple in total. To be honest, my money is used for investment, and the turnover is not working, and I dont want to borrow money to swell my face. Please dont laugh at me."

I won't tell others that she is a poor ghost.

The driver Gu Guangqing was a little moved, "Ms. Fang is still thinking about a driver in a small area of mine. You are not a person who sees high praises and low steps, you are willing. An apple can only be given to the chairman."

She smiled, "I believe you have lived and died together with the chairman, and he hopes to share this fruit with you."

Gu Linyuan looked at Fang Xinxin with piercing eyes, and his eyes were full of admiration, "You are right." He glanced at the drip on his hand. Light and righteous. Can you trouble Miss Fang to wash the fruit?"

This shows that Fang Xinxin's love has been received.

"Of course." Fang Xinxin opened the handbag, took out the folding fruit knife in the bag, went to the bathroom of the ward, washed both the fruit knife and the apple, and turned it back in front of the hospital bed, peeled the apple peel, and cut the fruit into two. Half, handed them to Gu Linyuan and Gu Guangqing respectively.

Click, click...

The two really gnawed apples separately.

Fang Xinxin looked at the two who had survived the catastrophe, and felt sympathy in her heart.

Gu Linyuan came into contact with her kind gaze and asked with a smile, "Miss Fang is a dragon and phoenix. Your investment must be big business. Even if the turnover is not working, it will only be temporary."

"Just laughed." A total of 34 yuan was invested.

"I owe you 100 million yuan and I will honor my promise as soon as possible." Gu Linyuan looked at her inquisitively. He felt that the young girl seemed very mysterious, but she had no malice towards him. "After the car accident, Miss Fang asked me to be with the driver. I removed the battery of the phone. Is it someone close to me who moved my hands or feet in my car?"

Fang Xinxin was expressionless. It's not so easy to deal with her.

Gu Linyuan's expression was very solemn, "The news of the accident in my car must have been dissipated. If the person who wants my life thinks that I am dead, then the other party will relax his vigilance, and I will pull it out easily. Too much, you are helping me."

Is affirmative.

Fang Xinxin nodded slightly, "In initial contact with the chairman, I feel that you are a good person. I will give you some convenience. It is a meeting gift for you."

"This meeting ceremony is not measurable by money." It is not a small favor from an apple. Gu Linyuan cast a positive look at her, "You seem to know more inside stories."

"Not bad." Fang Xinxin did not deny, "Presumably the chairman wants to know who wants your life most now. There are two choices. First, you can devote financial resources, material resources, energy, abilities... all kinds of channels. Investigating, it costs a lot of money. Second, it is simple and ready-made, buy information from me. Of course, it is also expensive."

Gu Linyuan smiled bitterly, "I have been in shopping malls for most of my life. There are many people who have offended me, and there are many people who want my life, old foxes. It is really difficult to investigate."

He took a look, "Since Miss Fang has ready-made information, why don't I just buy it from you. Make a price."