Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Atonement

Bai Qinghao has been standing in the room for a while. The effect of the medicine in the room is indeed overbearing. Even the abstinent he can't stand the violent force of the effect. The blood in his body seems to flow faster, and the whole person is so hot that he just wants to remove his clothes.

The hotness made his Bing Sen's face a little irritable, and he winked at the guard.

The guard immediately took out a gun and pointed it at Fang Manxue's head. Fang Manxue was so frightened that she almost became incontinent. "No, don't kill me. I dare not, I will never dare anymore!"

As if thinking of something, he immediately said to Bai Qinghao, "Commander, you need a woman at this time. If there is no woman, this overbearing medicinal effect is unsolvable. You will die with anger, immortality, and at the slightest degree, you will lose your mind. Go crazy."

Bai Qinghao licked his lips, "You really understand the effects of this medicine, where did you get it?"

"Black... the black market."

"Very good." Bai Qinghao's eyes looked profoundly at the pinhole camera behind the TV.

Fang Xinxin, who was in the opposite room watching the excitement through the monitor, suddenly stiffened.

This time she really confirmed that Bai Qinghao did spot her.

However, she also admired that, Bai Qinghao easily saw through Fang Manxue's conspiracy and returned her innocence.

Really deserves to be the wise and unparalleled Commander White!

And here, Fang Manxue didn't understand what Bai Qinghao meant by very good.

Isn't he interested in himself?

Manxue immediately increased his strength, "Commander Bai, the woman who slept with Bai Chenxi just now has an unknown origin, and apparently she was sold out. You have always been obsessed with cleanliness. You can't touch such a dirty woman, right? Isn't that the kind of woman who has xing disease?

Taking a deep breath, she raised her beautiful face. Today, she is wearing a V-neck low-cut tights and slim-fit skinny jeans. Even if she is kneeling now, the curve of her body is still concave, convex and delicate. Alluring, "Commander White, for the sake of atonement, I am willing to dedicate to you my virginity that I have preserved for twenty years. My body is absolutely clean..."

Bai Qinghao's face was expressionless, but a ray of disgust flashed through his deep pupils.

Bai Chenxi's medicinal effect hadn't been relieved. Just halfway through with the strange woman, she stopped suddenly, and she was uncomfortable. Hearing Fang Manxue's words, she immediately stared at her beautiful figure with hunger and thirst.

Even if Fang Manxue's reputation is bad, she is still a virgin after all.

He is still eager to get the effect of the medicine.

It's just that Fang Manxue likes his cousin.

Also good.

Bai Chenxi also quickly dialed the abacus in his heart, the big deal is that he will find a chicken to continue to relieve his desire and fire.

When the cousin really becomes a good thing with Fang Manxue tonight, he will tell Fang Xinxin tomorrow that Bai Qinghao has a leg with Fang Manxue behind her back.

When the time comes, he coaxes Fang Xinxin again. The ugly guy doesn't hate Bai Qinghao to death, do things for him obediently?

Thinking of this, Bai Chenxi helped Fang Manxue as a lobbyist, "Cousin, Fang Manxue made such a big mistake. It was too cheap for her to be shot. Girls care about the first time and pick her up. As a punishment. Besides, this medicine is so effective, Fang Xinxin doesn't know where at the moment. With your honorable status, you can never really find a prostitute. Fang Manxue is also a director of Fang's enterprise no matter what. Long Qianjin. It's better to let Fang Manxue wait for you overnight and redeem your merits."

Man Xue did not expect that Bai Chenxi would actually speak for herself, cast a grateful look at him, and took the initiative to move into the room in a kneeling position.