Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Zero Behind Three

"Two billion."

Gu Linyuan had just returned from the death line. If it wasn't for the girl in front of him, he would have been dead.

For him, money is as much as paper, "No problem."

Gu Linyuan waited for her to say intelligence, but she did not speak.

The atmosphere in the ward was a bit awkward for a while.

After all, it is an old world, Gu Linyuan immediately reacted, "Miss Fang is afraid that I will fall back on the account?" Her eyes were a little unhappy, "I think someone Gu said, I have never made a promise. Money will never lose you. It's just that. Now, my mobile phone is turned off and it is inconvenient to turn it on. Otherwise, I will call the secret to transfer the money to you immediately."

Fang Xinxin is not annoyed, "Of course I believe in Chairman Gus promise. However, I have principles. It is not difficult to borrow and repay. The one billion you promised before has not been settled yet, and you have added a fortune. .I hope you understand that everyone has difficulties, and I happen to be unable to make money. Cunning Rabbit Sanku, I believe that not only is there money in your companys account, but also in your personal account. Its a trivial matter that your mobile phone is out of power, mine. The mobile phone borrows you to log in to the online banking operation."

After all, it is counted in billions.

No matter how big the backing of the other party is, no matter how fat he is.

Money is still available.

This time Gu Linyuan didn't say a word.

Fang Xinxin smiled, "You also guard me, for fear that I installed a virus on my phone to steal your account and hack your account funds?"

Gu Linyuan admitted, "Miss Fang, please understand."

"That's easy." Fang Xinxin said indifferently, "Remove your mobile phone card and log in directly to the hospital's network transfer." This way, the network traffic of the mobile phone card is unnecessary.

"Public networks are also not safe." Gu Linyuan looked at her, "Give me your mobile phone. I will use your mobile phone to transfer money online."

"Are you afraid that there is a virus on my phone?"

"I, Gu Linyuan, asked myself how I look at people, and I have never looked away in my life."

Fang Xinxin handed him her mobile phone. She did not install a virus to hack his account in her mobile phone.

He took out the note in his pocket and opened it. On the note were the account number and account name she had given earlier. After corresponding, he transferred the money.

After logging out of her account, she handed her the phone back, "Okay."

Fang Xinxin took back her mobile phone and checked her account balance.

There are eight zeros behind the three.

Three hundred million!


Gu Linyuan was misunderstood. He thought it would cost 200 million to buy intelligence alone, plus 100 million to save lives. Isn't that 300 million?

In fact, she meant that buying intelligence and saving lives totaled 200 million.


The chairman's misunderstanding is really good!

She doesn't think too much money.

From a pauper to a rich woman with a huge asset of 300 million, Fang Xinxin had never seen so much money in her previous life or in this life, let alone how happy she was.

No matter how happy she was in her heart, her face was unhappy, her eyes didn't blink abnormally, "You paid so easily, so you are not afraid of not getting valuable clues?"

Gu Linyuan knew that she was just a test, and was not angry, "Miss Fang, no one can afford the price of playing me."

Seeing that this young girl received three hundred million yuan, she didn't even have a hint of joy on her face, indicating that this amount is nothing to her.

"Don't worry, I haven't had time to fool you. I like to deal with confident people like you." Fang Xinxin's gaze fell on the silent driver Gu Guangqing next to him, "Do you need him to avoid it?"