Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Almost Killed

Unexpectedly, he didn't recognize her.

If you hear her voice, it would be revealing.

Suddenly, she was naughty and wanted to fix him, so she pursed her lips, looked at him pitifully, but didn't speak.

Bai Qinghao narrowed her sharp eyes, patiently declared her disappearance, murderously, and squeezed her neck like iron tongs with her big palms, "Give you a chance, let's go to Hades to report!"

Fang Xinxin didn't doubt that he said nothing. With his iron-like power, with one effort, her life was over.

It's a pity that Fang Xinxin wanted to talk now, her neck was tightly choked, and she couldn't make a sound when she wanted to speak, so she had to use her index finger to point her chest with gestures.

A pair of Qiushui Lingling eyes energetically discharges at him, screaming dumbly:

It's me! It's me!

Bai Qinghao stared at her clear eyes, the sense of familiarity that overlapped with Fang Xinxin.

Looking at her small face, her lips, the traces of her being tossed blue...

Obviously the consequence of the crazy night last night.

He almost immediately realized that the woman in front of him was Fang Xinxin!

Thinking of this, he suddenly let go.

Fang Xinxin's neck was reddened and her face flushed due to lack of oxygen. As soon as he loosened her neck, she immediately began to breathe, staring at him viciously, "Bai Qinghao, you are crazy!"

Sure enough, it was Fang Xinxin's voice, Bai Qinghao's resolute face was gloomy, as if he had done something wrong, he was at a loss for the first time in his life.

"My mother just slept with you all night. I was almost killed by your beast last night..." Her angrily eyes almost spit fire, "Now you almost strangled to death!"

It's so easy to sleep with a male god.

Bai Qinghao's face was blue, a ray of self-blame flashed in his deep eyes, and he said in a deep voice, "I'm sorry!"

Not only did she apologize for not recognizing her just now, but also tossed her out of reason and furiously last night.

She knew that he was aloft as a noble emperor and never apologized to anyone.

His words are imperial decree, and others only have to obey and lower their heads.

He can apologize to her, enough to see how important she is in his mind.

She was a little arrogant in her heart, she still snorted heavily on the surface, "Huh. Just apologize?"

His eagle-like gaze fell on the red mark floating on her neck, which he had pinched just now, and his resolute face was full of regret, "What do you want?"

Even if she was so angry that he wanted his life, give it to her!

Two words escaped her lips, "Explanation. I accompany you to sleep for Mao, and you have to kill me."

He hugged her soft boneless body into his arms, and the cold male voice was full of pampering, "Fang Xinxin, why am I willing to hurt your hair?"

With a low sigh, "I just woke up and saw your face, and didn't recognize you for a while."

Never thought that Bai Qinghao would make such a low-level mistake.

It was a mess when I met her.

She raised her head in his arms and blinked her big eyes innocently, "Why didn't she recognize it?"

"I haven't seen you the way you are now. I didn't expect it for a while..." He gently stroked her beautiful cheeks with a big palm, and the skin under his fingers was as white and smooth as fat, "You are so beautiful. ."


Bai Qinghao's eyes are above the top and he never praised a woman. He never said she was beautiful in his past and present life.

Unexpectedly, she was praised by the great commander!