Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 452

Chapter 452: He Only Charged interest

However, his tall and stalwart male body was as heavy as a mountain, and she couldn't push it no matter how hard she was under him.

He darkened his resolute and handsome face, his thick black eyebrows were frowned, and his voice was full of displeasure, "You said no last night, and now you say no. Are you so resistant to me?"

"No." She was crying anxiously, "Look at me..."

He bowed his head and glanced at her snow-white skin with countless bruises.

It shows how terrifying his devastation last night.

A touch of pity hit his cold and hanky eyes, even though she looked really terrible now.

Distressed, distressed.

She is his woman, she has to bear everything he gives.

No matter how she can bear it, she has to bear it!

He will not regret his beastly behavior last night.

With a gentle voice, she explained gently, "Bai Qinghao, I didn't resist you. I don't regret last night, or even I lost my innocence to you before."

She raised her hand to stroke his stern face, "I just wanted to wash the medicine mud on my face first last night, and we were...I was thinking at the time that it would not be too bad for me to wash my face for a minute or two. Moreover, I am also afraid that you will lose interest in the face of the medicinal mud on my face..."

He heard the words, his heart was as hard as Wannian Hanchuan, and he had misunderstood her.

"I'm sorry!" His cold male voice apologized again, with deep guilt in his heart, and pitying a kiss on her smooth forehead, spoiling him, "Fool, how can I treat you Interesting? Women in the world, I only have **** and interest in you."

"Don't apologize." She raised her hand and touched his thin lips with her index finger. "I don't want to refuse you now. You were so crazy last night and all night... I can't stand it anymore. My whole body is fine now. pain"

In a negotiating tone, carefully asked, "Why don't I make up for you another day?"

Its another trick... he didnt buy it, "The compensation you said last time, after so long, I only charged a little interest last night."

"What? Isn't it principal?" She was almost killed by him last night, only for interest?

"You're afraid that you won't be able to make the principal for a lifetime." He cast a cold glance at her delicate body, his deep eyes a little sad, "Just your small body..."

I'm afraid it's not enough to kill her.

Fang Xinxin really wanted to cry without tears, her voice acting like a baby, "Bai Qinghao, you let me go first this time..."

He pressed her down like a mountain.

Reason told him that it was time to follow her request.

But the high and rising desire made him unable to give up the good food he was about to get.

His sharp eyes like an eagle locked her white and beautiful face, she was really beautiful and alluring!

The daylight in the room is bright enough, and the distance between the two of them makes her skin so delicate that she can barely see the pores.

She is really too beautiful.

Fang Xinxin felt as if being caught by a hunting beast, a sense of danger was spreading.

His body is tall and strong, and she is too petite. Compared with him, the visual impact seems to scare her to death.

What's more, his strength...

She really felt that she was like a fragile silk flower, unable to withstand the torrential rain before her body recovered.

"Fang Xinxin..." He raised his hand to caress her face, his fingertips were very gentle.

The deep eyes seemed to be locked with prey.

Her heart touched her throat.

He flashed a struggling deep and fiery gaze.

The traces of struggle in that eye seemed to be fiercely gambling with himself.