Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Rest One Day

Do it again, she will really die!

Bai Qinghao hugged her up and walked towards the bathroom in the hotel room, "Go take a shower."

She hooked his neck reflexively to stabilize her body.

Lying on his side in his arms, looking at his firm and perfect silhouette, I feel moved.

How does he know she wants to take a bath?

Both of them sweated too much and guessed it was normal.

Bai Qinghao weighed her weight. Her weight was too light, like a feather, "Fang Xinxin, I order you, absolutely forbid you to continue to lose weight!"

"No reduction." She was six or seven meters tall, only over ninety catties.

And the waist is thin, the place where it should be material is quite big, the figure is slightly thin, and the proportion is very good.

It is just right now, but if you reduce it, it will be too much.

He nodded in satisfaction, hugged her like a child with one hand, opened the shower head of the bathroom with the other hand, and adjusted the hot water to a suitable temperature.

Let her legs touch the ground, her legs shivered softly, and she climbed down on him.

He quickly caught her and picked her up again, "It's useless, I can't stand still..."

"Who made you so fierce!" She glared at him.

He curled his thin lips slightly, "Are you satisfied with your future husband?"

"Too satisfied." She really couldn't bear it...

He pointed the shower head at her.

The warm water poured on her, and she sighed comfortably.

He put his arm around her and put shower gel on her with the other hand, "Fang Xinxin, this commander has never waited for a woman to take a bath. You are a pioneer."

"I have never been served by a man like this." She hummed, "You are taking a big advantage."

His face is full of domineering possessiveness, "Who would dare to touch you? I am impatient to live!"

"Just do you dare." She enjoyed the bubbles he put on her.

Suddenly, she felt his movements become rigid and heavy.

When he looked up, his deep and vast eyes became hot again.

A sense of crisis struck, and she immediately said, "Bai Qinghao, you can't mess up anymore!"

I really dont know if he was beaten with iron, he wouldnt be tired!

Knowing she can't bear it anymore.

He tried to restrain his desire and hope, Senhan's face showed signs of doting, and he clicked on her pretty nose, in a benevolent tone, "Take a good rest for a day, and I will eat you again!"

"Only one day?" She lost her voice, as if considering the current soreness of her body, "At least a week!"

"Half a day." His voice was dull, but he was domineering and could not refuse.

"Three days." She gestured three fingers.

His face was stern, and although he cherished her extremely in his heart, he did not give in to the loving of her in bed, "No one can ever bargain with this commander. Besides, then immediately!"

She really wanted to cry without tears, so she had to compromise, "Well, every day."

After a big deal, she told him that her aunt is here again?

Glancing at his cold face, this man is not easy to provoke and foolish.

I really lied to him that his aunt, who had only been away for a few days, came again.

From another perspective, he is so powerful and irresistible.

He only understood the taste, and it was not bad that she could take a day off.

Although Bai Qinghao wanted to help her take a bath for a longer time, after all, even if she couldn't eat her again immediately, her infinitely beautiful body was really seductive.

Terrible can't control it. He was still at a normal speed and helped her wash away the bubbles in the body wash.