Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 457

Chapter 457:

"It's me... why don't you say that you are short and incompetent!" Fang Manxue sarcastically went back.

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Bai Chenxi's voice raised eight degrees, "Isn't it half an hour at a time? I didn't know who was wavering under me last night?"

"It's only half an hour, so I'm so embarrassed to say it." Fang Manxue akimbo, "Leave Commander Bai, at least two hours to make the primer."

"Cut, do you know it again?" Bai Chenxi didn't believe it.

"Don't look at the physical strength and physique of Commander Bai, is it comparable to your little white face?"

"It's a pity that you wanted to kneel and lick Bai Qinghao last night. People didn't even look at you and kicked you into my bed." Bai Chenxi took Fang Manxue's arm and said viciously, "I tell you, you It's just the junk I've used, Bai Qinghao has a cleanliness addiction, you never want to climb into Bai Qinghao's bed in your life!"

"Haha! Really." Fang Manxue said with a sneer, "My old lady will tell you, I will either not marry in this life, I will marry Bai Qinghao if I marry!"

"Ill." Bai Chenxi pushed her away and began to dress.

"Little white face." Fang Manxue was unwilling to suffer, picked up the messy clothes on the ground and put it on her body.

Fang Xinxin stared at the computer screen to see Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi biting the dog, stunned.

She can hear the situation in room 615 through a pinhole camera.

But the movement in Room 639 where she and Bai Qinghao are located is unknown over there.

Fang Xinxin glanced at Bai Qinghao, who was expressionless, and asked aloud, "Hey, did you think Fang Manxue had the first time with Bai Chenxi last night?"

Women are always curious.

What's more, the second sister always said that she was still a virgin body before, and even ran in front of Bai Qinghao to say that she wanted to dedicate her virgin body to him.

"No." Bai Qinghao's eyes didn't fluctuate. "Bai Chenxi is an old river and lake. He has engaged many women in private. Prostitution, prostitution and prostitution are also commonplace. He will not mistake the woman who has been in his bed. He is not. Talk about Fang Man Cedar?"

Approaching Fang Xinxin's ear, her deep voice was warm and ambiguous, "Although your innocence was given to me long ago. But you are too tight..."

Thinking of her incomparable taste, Bai Qinghao's deep as ice-like eyes flashed with warmth again.

Fang Xinxin noticed his hot eyes, afraid that he would come again, and quickly moved away from him, deliberately scowling, "Bai Qinghao, you said, how does my second sister know you for at least two hours at a time? Are you? With her..."

His stern complexion sank, and her eyes were sharp as ice swords.

It seemed that she would be unlucky if she said further.

Fang Xinxin was shocked, crossed her crossbow lips, and did not dare to speak again.

"Why don't you continue talking?" He narrowed Bingsen's eyes slightly.

"Afraid of being beaten." She showed aggrieved appearance.

Her facial features were exceptionally delicate, her eyes were moist and shiny, and her little aggrieved expression suddenly softened Bai Qinghao's cold heart.

He grabbed her and hugged her in his arms, with a serious expression, "Fang Xinxin, listen, I have lived till now, and I only touched you as a woman."

With joy in her heart, she raised her head in his arms and asked, "Will you touch other women in the future?"

"What do you think?" The cold male voice was indulgent, but did not answer directly.

"I want you to say it." She shook his military uniform sleeve.

Her suspicion just now made him unhappy, and he changed the subject, "Your second sister is also an old world. It's not difficult for her to guess the time I was in bed."

"That's not what I asked! Besides, she couldn't guess exactly." Bai Qinghao could toss all night in bed.