Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Like Ho's Maid

After getting dressed, walking to the dressing table, looking at his prosperous beauty in the mirror, there are no traces of acne and scabs on his face, it is really shockingly beautiful.

No wonder even Bai Qinghao is silly.

I remember the past life, Dr. Shi Qian said that even if the marks on the face are cleared, the mud should be applied for a few days to consolidate, and the skin will be more delicate.

So, she walked to the wine cabinet in the connecting room with the bedroom, took out a small bottle of medicine mud, and continued to apply it all over her face, again like a mask on her face.

Staying in the room for a long time was a bit boring, she endured the pain and walked out of the room.

I usually take the spiral staircase down the lobby.

She still felt pain in her legs, and she took the elevator down to the first floor this time.



The elevator stopped, she stepped out, walked through the hall, and came to the courtyard.

Several maids were cleaning the yard, and when they saw her, they cast strange eyes at her.

A squad of guards on duty with guns passed her arrogantly and aggressively.

Several people even cast strange eyes at her.

Fang Xinxin felt baffled. She took out the mirror and took a picture. The medicine mud on her face was as usual, and outsiders could not see her true face.

Why do these guards and servants always look at her?

See her good figure? Not right. It is not the first day that she succeeded in losing weight.

When I walked to a corner of a yard, I suddenly heard two maids chatting.

"Do you know? The commander came back with a woman this afternoon. Although I was far away and didn't see the full picture of the woman, I am sure that the woman is very beautiful." A maid was mysterious.

Another maid was very gossiping, "The commander came back with a beautiful woman. So, is Fang Xinxin going to step down?"

"No. I inquired, and I didn't know that the commander had arranged the beautiful woman to live in a house, but didn't see her go out anyway."

"The imperial court is so big, even if Fang Xinxin lives here, the commander wants Jinwu to hide the beauty, the ugly thing will not be found."

Fang Xinxin understood what was going on. It turned out that both the guards and the servants had misunderstood that the woman Bai Qinghao embraced was not her, and thought she was about to step down.

No wonder some people gave her sympathetic glances.

She coughed.

The two maids were shocked when they saw her. One of them panicked and said, "Miss Fang San, why are you here?"

"Am I an ugly?" she asked coldly.

"This..." The two maids looked down.

"Whether I look ugly or not, I am born to look." Fang Xinxin said with a cold face, "It doesn't matter if you gossiping, calling the hostess here an ugly thing, can you be so cheap to be a slave?"

Seeing that there were no others, one of the maids said sarcastically, "The mistress who returned here, you are about to get out. How could Commander White marry such an ugly woman like you? Commander White would like to see you as much as I am. "

Snapped! Fang Xinxin slapped her face.

The maid glared at her, "You dare to hit me?" She had long been jealous that this ugly boy could be loved by the commander. Asking himself to be more beautiful than her, why does the commander only look at her?

"Even if I haven't married Bai Qinghao, it's just a guest here." Fang Xinxin frowned slightly, her expression cold, "Your attitude, giving you a slap, is also a reward for you."

"You..." The maid stared at her fiercely, wishing to skin her.

Butler Zhao Cheng came over, "Chun Yu, what happened?"