Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 464

Chapter 464:

The guard behind him snatched her mobile phone and deleted the video she had just taken. "Miss Fang Er, you are not allowed to take pictures."

Fang Manxue almost raised her eyebrows with anger, "A guard is as wide as a tube."

"Ordered from above."

"Well...I just don't take pictures." She stretched out her hand, "Return the phone to me."

The fire is dead, and I can't show off in the circle of friends.

The guard returned the phone to her, "If you go too far and don't listen to the warning, the Royal Court has punishment rules."

Fang Manxue was waiting outside the courtyard just now and saw two **** women being thrown out of it. After asking, she realized that she was a filthy maid who was rewarded with fifty big sticks. .

She would not sympathize with the two maids, but the punishment for the Royal Court...

Still very scared.

"If you don't take a photo, you won't take a photo." Fang Manxue put her mobile phone into her bag and walked into the hall on the first floor of the splendid villa.

The imported white stone walls are carved with patterns between the walls. The walls are embedded with four- to five-meter-high white marble columns, gorgeous crystal lamps hanging, and magnificent European-style high-end furniture.

The whole hall is not only luxurious and expensive, but also gives people a majestic atmosphere!

Being able to live here is really a kind of top enjoyment, a kind of supreme respect for identity.

Fang Manxue saw Fang Xinxin sitting leisurely on the huge imported sofa in the living room, like a noble young grandmother.

A maid is pouring tea into her cup respectfully.

All these treatments did not belong to Fang Xinxin's ugly bastard.

Not only the Imperial Court, but also Bai Qinghao, it should all belong to her Fang Manxue!

Fang Manxue hurriedly moved forward a few steps, looking at Fang Xinxin's face in the first step.

Seeing that she was still applying medicinal mud, there was still a chance to "add material" to her, and she was a little relieved.

She has gotten the medicine today that will disfigure people unconsciously.

As long as you find an opportunity to mix the medicinal powder into Fang Xinxin's medicated mud, you won't feel anything at first, and slowly, your face will become stiff, and then ulcerate, and damage the root.

At that time, even if the gods descended from the earth, they could not save Fang Xinxin's rotten face.

She wanted to see, after Fang Xinxin was completely disfigured, Bai Qinghao still wanted her!

Fang Manxue constricted the insidiousness in her eyes, with a look of horror on her face, quickly paced towards Fang Xinxin, snatching the teacup in her hand, "Xin Xin, this is nothing wrong, you still want to drink. tea!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at her indifferently, "Fang Manxue, if there is anything urgent, please say quickly."

The maid on the side winked, and the maid knowingly helped pour a cup of tea again.

"Do you know I drink?" Fang Manxue put the cup that Fang Xinxin had drunk in her hand on the coffee table, trying to take the tea cup from the maid's hand.

The maid handed the cup to Fang Xinxin, "Miss Fang San did not order you to pour tea."

Fang Manxue's face was embarrassing and ugly to criticize, "How do you serve this person? I'm a guest. And you..." His eyes fell on Fang Xinxin's face with a medicated mud mask, "You are in the Royal Court You are a temporary guest, how can you let the subordinates be so presumptuous in front of your second sister, and not give your second sister face, is it just slap you in the face?"

When the maid heard the words, her face flashed with trepidation, and Fang Xinxin said calmly, "Fang Manxue, your face is your face. I'm different from you before, and I don't want to conspire."