Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Want You To Be Disfigured Forever 1

Fang Manxue still has a lot of things to do, so why would he just leave like this willingly.

He glanced at Fang Xinxin's mobile phone on the coffee table.

She turned around and swiped her mobile phone casually with her handbag.


Fang Xinxin's phone fell to the ground, Fang Manxue picked it up immediately, "Oh, my third sister, I'm so sorry, I accidentally dropped your phone on the ground."

Blocking it with his hand bag, he quickly took out the invalid card from Fang Xinxin's mobile phone that had no signal, and squeezed it in the palm of his hand, replacing it with a signal card.

I thought God knew it.

In fact, this scene fell directly into Fang Xinxin's eyes without stopping.

In the last life, Fang Xinxin's mobile phone that lost its signal "for no reason" also had the signal at this time, but the location at that time was Fang's house.

It turned out that Fang Manxue put the reissued mobile phone card back into her mobile phone.

No wonder the signal will be restored.

Fang Manxue put her mobile phone back on the coffee table and frowned when she looked at the worn-out mobile phone, "Xinxin, why do you still use this kind of old mobile phone with a few hundred yuan? Commander Bai is too stubborn for you. It really is out of favor. Now, the treatment is different."

The maid was laughing ironically. Fang Manxue didn't know, the commander gave Fang Xinxin, and he shot ten top luxury cars.

This treatment is also Fang Xinxin.

Fang Xinxin didn't bother to explain to Fang Manxue why she was still using a broken phone, "It has nothing to do with you, why doesn't it go away?"

Fang Manxue's face was very ugly, she handed her her mobile phone, "My new mobile phone is for you."

This is the mobile phone that Bai Qinghao paid to her in the Royal Court.

As long as she accepts it, when she complains to Bai Qinghao, Fang Xinxin robs it.

Fang Xinxin just glanced at it and remembered that when Bai Qinghao threw Fang Manxues mobile phone into the fish tank, Fang Manxue asked for a mobile phone, and Bai Qinghao asked his servant to buy the same one. Pay her, "I don't care about used second-hand goods."

Fang Manxue's face turned pale, but she reluctantly took her phone back and talked, "Sanmei, it's dark now, and it's not safe for me to go home as a girl. Let me stay here for one night."

Everything is secondary. Finding the opportunity to "add material" to Fang Xinxin's medicinal mud is the key!

"What's unsafe? This is not the wilderness. Just go out and fight." Fang Xinxin raised his hand.

The maid knowingly dragged Fang Manxue away.

"Sanmei, I'm just going to be a guest here, you are too unkind if you drive people!" Fang Manxue was dragged away, her voice raised an octave.

I was worried, so I just left. I didn't have a chance to "add material" to Fang Xinxin. If she didn't use the medicine mud, it would be even more difficult to find opportunities.

Whether Fang Manxue wanted it or not, she was still dragged away from the royal court by the maid.

Fang Xinxin checked her mobile phone and confirmed that Fang Manxue had just replaced the reissued mobile phone card with a waste card.

In fact, she put the phone on the coffee table deliberately to make it convenient for Fang Manxue. Although reborn, as long as it is not bad, I don't want to change all trajectories.

She set a PIN code for the phone card.

In the future, no matter who reissues her mobile phone card, without the PIN code, her mobile phone number cannot be used.

Ding! Scream.

Fang Xinxin received a text message from Fang Xinxin's mobile phone. When she clicked it on, she saw the message from Fang Manxue.