Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 469

Chapter 469: Big Move Is Waiting For You

[Xinxin, let it go with the wind, we are a family. If you are driven out by Bai Qinghao, go back to Fang's house, Fang's house will always be your home.

After reading the message sent by Fang Manxue, the first half of the sentence seemed a bit moving.

The last sentence...

She was originally the daughter of the Fang family. What does it mean that the Fang family will always be your home? What is Fang Manxue's anti-guest-oriented tone?

Before she was eleven, her mother, Manxue, was also very good, but she could feel that she loved herself most.

At that time, Fang Manxue, although young, was very fond of his mother.

With the change of her mother, she calculated that Fang Manxue's ambition gradually emerged after the seven or eight years.

Looking at Fang's family, his father became a vegetable, his eldest brother was imprisoned, and the money his father's company had made before was squandered by Fang Manxue and Fang Lilan...

If her Fang Xinxin hadn't been born again, she was still in the dust now.

Fortunately, she is slowly turning everything around.

After a while, Fang Manxue sent another message: [Xinxin, don't delay your studies for a man, it's not worth it. You didn't go to class today, go to school earlier.

Fang Xinxin smiled sarcastically. With a bitter voice and a good tone for her, it made it as if Fang Manxue went to school today.

Fang Manxue is not in Bai Chenxi's bed in the hotel room today.

If Fang Xinxin of the previous life saw these two text messages, Fang Manxue would really be moved to death.

Now... there was a faint anxiety in her heart.

Squinting her eyes slightly, she suspected Fang Manxue had some big trick waiting for her at school.

Toot, toot, toot...

My friend Sun Jiamu's WeChat video sent over, and she picked it up.

Sun Jiamus shelling came immediately from the video, "Honey, why didnt you come to school all day today? Im worried to death!"

Fang Xinxin was taken aback for a moment.

In the previous life, she couldn't see Bai Qinghao's goodness, and had always been a rival to him. Ignore Bai Qinghao's sincerity.

Blinded by her mind and filial piety, she never went to jail for her elder brother ten years before her death.

Can't even feel anyone's care.

Unexpectedly, this life will have a close friend who cares about her so much.

She was moved in her heart, "Sorry, I forgot to tell you." Because she didn't know that Jia Mu would be so worried.

"It's fine if you are fine. I will go to Fang's house to find you." Sun Jiamu said, "Your mom is really disgusting, knowing that we are in a good relationship, what's wrong with holding my hand and crying with nose and tears? I shouldnt have caused everyone to almost misunderstand you for being unfilial. She also said that she had reformed and washed her face with tears at home every day, waiting for you to go back. She said that she wanted to come to the Royal Court to pick you up and couldnt get in. I was really moved by her. ."

"Since I'm really moved, how come I feel sick again?" Fang Xinxin felt that Jia Mu was not the kind of hard-hearted person.

"I saw that you were not at Fang's house, so I left. As a result, I forgot my bag at your house and went back to get it. Do you know what I saw?" Sun Jiamu was full of anger, "Your mom is behaving badly. There was nothing important in my bag anyway, so she turned it over as soon as she turned it over. The **** thing is that she actually told Long Shuhai that she would put up with you Fang Xinxin for a while. Long Shuhai persuaded her, Fang The capital chain of the enterprise is broken, and now only Bai Qinghao can save Fangs enterprise. The benefit from Bai Qinghao is just a word from Fang Xinxin. They are all coaxing you now."

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