Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 471

Chapter 471:

Because Raiden is larger and more fierce than the average wolf dog.

I remember that I visited the Imperial Court two years ago and she was bitten by lightning.

Raiden was almost beaten to death by Bai Qinghao on the spot, and she didn't want to really kill him, so she let Bai Qinghao let it go.

Looking at Raiden's fierce dog's eyes, and seeing its hair stand up in a warning manner, Fang Xinxin felt that Raiden still knew her.

It is estimated to know that it was she who caused it to be beaten by the owner two years ago.

"When you meet your enemies, you are extremely jealous." Fang Xinxin raised her hand, "Handsome dog, long time no see, you are bigger."

Raiden was only half a year old at the beginning, but now he is two and a half years old.

"Woo..." Raiden continued to make a warning sound, as if he would jump out of the fence and bit her at any time.

"Although we are having a holiday, I caused you to be beaten. But didn't you also bite me?" She raised a smile on her face, "Just treat us as equal, okay?"

In fact, it is very spiritual, does not bite people, and Bai Qinghao likes it very much.

I remember a year ago, when she had not been reborn, she came to the Royal Court to ask Bai Qinghao to ask for money to support the Fang family.

Bai Qinghao pointed at her and made several gestures to Thunder and lightning, and forcibly hugged her.

She felt that Bai Qinghao was telling the dog that she was his.

At that time, she immediately pushed Bai Qinghao away and provoked dissatisfaction with the dog, but did not get bitten.

Then stupidly, after taking Bai Qinghao's money, she ran into Bai Chenxi in the Yuyuanzi. She used Bai Chenxi as a male **** back then, and her face was full of love.

Then one by one could not stand firmly and fell on Bai Chenxi.

Presumably, the dog thought she was sorry for its owner, and didn't know where it jumped from, so Volley gave her a fierce bite.

She was bitten by a big wolf dog on her wrist and dragged away from Bai Chenxi.

Bai Qinghao immediately wanted to help her treat the wound personally. She hated him so much that she would not let him touch it.

Waited for the doctor to treat the wound.

In fact, in retrospect, Raiden was right. Who made her so stupid to love the wrong man?

The Royal Court is so big that Raiden has someone to take care of it.

Maybe Bai Qinghao knew that she was afraid of it, and during her days in the Imperial Court, Thunder and Lightning had been kept in its side.

Fortunately, Raidens exclusive fenced dog yard is also quite large, is it boring to live?

Thunder's dog eyes narrowed Fang Xinxin, walked to her, and sniffed at her through the fence. Perhaps she found the smell of Bai Qinghao on her body, and he put away the warning in his throat.

Fang Xinxin thought of the volley, her wrist hurts. Fortunately, the doctor Bai Qinghao asked her at the time was very good. She didn't have any scars on her wrist. "Come on, I'll bring you something to eat."

Zheng Chou put a pot of leftovers into the fence, and a guard came over and said, "Miss Fang San, take it back. Without the commander's order, it won't eat what others give."

Fang Xinxin knew that this guard was specially taking care of Raiden, "Then what did you give it?"

"It will only eat food designated by the commander during meal times."

"No?" These leftovers of her are all delicacies.

"That's fine for you to try." The guard opened the gate of the fence and put a pot of leftovers into the dog yard.

Sure enough, Raiden just smelled it and walked away.

"..." Fang Xinxin glared at the opened fence door, "it doesn't escape either?"

"The commander gave it an order to stay in the dog yard for the time being. It will not come out without permission."