Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 480

Chapter 480: What Did Xin Weihao Give 5

8. Bai Qinghao gave me a large bouquet of 999 roses, which are very expensive.

Nine, in order to see me, Bai Qinghao was on a military business trip, and came back without sleepless nights, just to stay with me for half an hour.

And so on, there are too many kinds, I can't write them all.

Bai Qinghao has paid too much for me. I really can't refute this realistic example, and I won't argue.

As everyone said, with his position of power, what can I do for him? Don't talk about making promises, a lot of women stared at Bai Qinghao's bed.

I want to be honest, I promised Bai Qinghao, what else can I have other than ridicule? You would say which woman has no body, right?

Let me change another angle. If Bai Qinghaos fiance is not our Fang Xinxin, what else can we do for him in addition to her body?

A man who is looking all over the world and lacks everything. He has so much money that he can kill people, and his position is so heavy that he looks up to his neck.

It's just that I happen to occupy the status of Commander Bai's fiance.

Because of him, I did reach the sky in one step.

I can only say that Bai Qinghao is kind to me, I have received it, recognized it, and remembered it in my heart.

I will work hard to make myself as good as possible, and maybe one day, I can see it in the distance.

Fang Xinxin.

Let me add another sentence. The phone typed word by word. It was such a big one. It was so hard.

Fang Xinxin used her real-name ID to directly post the completed words to the post comments, and was immediately discovered by the administrator. She immediately let her comment on the elevator and landed directly on the second floor of the post. Let everyone who read this post can see it.

In the courtyard of Fang's villa, Fang Manxue is enjoying a massage from a maid while reading the hottest posts on the school forum.

Fang Lilan next to her saw her daughter smile, "What is so happy?"

"Mom, I haven't done anything with Fang Xinxin's big trick." Fang Manxue curled her lips mockingly. "Now someone is posting on behalf of Fang Xinxin, accusing Fang Xinxin of being a worm. Although even Fang's family is involved. Being scolded in, Pediatrics, as long as Fang Xinxin is miserable, I don't mind being splashed on my body."

Fang Lilan sat on the rocking chair next to her, took her daughter's mobile phone and saw the content of the post, her eyebrows guilty fiercely. "

"No, just her ugly appearance, why sit in the position of Commander Bais fiance?" Fang Manxue coldly snorted. Big rebound."

"How can Fang Xinxin compare with you?" Fang Lilan looked at her daughter lovingly, "You are a hundred or a thousand times better than her. She just doesn't deserve your shoes!"

"I knew Mom was the best." Fang Manxue walked behind Fang Lilan and circled his mother's neck from behind.

Fang Lilan had a milf's face floating with love, and raised her hand lovingly to pat the back of her daughter's hand, "This post is not a lie, I think Fang Xinxin can't argue it, only to be labeled as a worm for a lifetime. ."

"My reputation is bad, and I have no face when I appeared in Beijing University. Now Fang Xinxin is in a similar situation to me haha!" Fang Manxue smiled triumphantly.

After refreshing the screen on the phone, Fang Xinxin's reply rose to the second floor.