Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Hao Reply

Those without deposits may be revised to 10 million, and those with deposits may become zero.

The bank was so frightened that he immediately sent him a sky-high invitation to rebuild the system for the bank.

He agreed, but rebuilt the system for him without charging a penny.

He also breached the security system of a certain museum, but did not steal the cultural relics inside.

This kind of situation has been counted down, and people in the industry are rumored that Yan Wang is a decent person, and being a hacker is just a test of his skills and has no bad intentions.

Many people with ulterior motives want to spend a lot of money to find out the true identity of Hades, but no matter how smart a hacker is, they don't even touch his shadow.

In recent years, Hades has hardly appeared, which has gradually faded out of people's sight.

Talents have emerged in large numbers, and the top ranking of international hackers has changed hands.

However, many people, including Fang Xinxin, believe that if the Hades continue to appear, the top ranking of international hackers will still be his!

Bai Qinghao is actually a famous hacker-Yan Wang!

In his capacity, hackers are absolutely not allowed. Although, he did not harm anyone.

This is his real secret!

For example, Fang Manxue told her anxiously that it was no secret that Bai Qinghao derailed the "other woman".

It's just false news trying to sow.

Fang Xinxin was shocked, unable to recover for a long time, murmured, "You shouldn't tell me this."

In this life, many things have changed.

For example, he told her this secret.

If he had said it in the previous life, she would definitely spread it all over the world for Bai Chenxi because of her lack of brains.

He has such a high military position, but he is a hacker. Not only does it have a big impact, he might even be labeled as a negative one by someone with a heart.

"It's okay." Bai Qinghao stared at her deeply.

Now that she knew it, it was choosing to believe her.

If she really betrayed him and died in her hands, he would not be wronged.

Of course, if he wants Bai Qinghao's life, it is estimated that no one has this ability!

Fang Xinxin decided to rot the secret in his stomach, solemnly, "I won't tell anyone."

He tilted his head and gave her a fondly look with deep eyes.

I quickly glanced at the Beijing University hottest post that was continuing to ferment and blame Fang Xinxin.

He started to use the account he just registered on the Beijing University Forum, tapping the keyboard to write a paragraph:

I am Bai Qinghao. I never thought that my status and status would bring such troubles to my fiancee Fang Xinxin.

So many people accuse Fang Xinxin of paying for me? Someone even said she was a moth...

Okay, then I will tell you how she is paying for me.

I was engaged to her since childhood. With the status of the Bai family, the New Years ceremony is just a basic respect.

You all said that Fang Xinxin climbed me high and forced her to stay away from me. Now that I think about it, there are too many people like this around her, and now even the unrelated masses have reported such thoughts.

But no one knows how hard I have been chasing my wife.

While holding Fang Xinxin, Bai Qinghao quickly tapped the keyboard with his powerful knuckles, and continued writing blankly:

Since the engagement, Fang Xinxin has been hiding from me and avoiding me, always thinking about breaking off the marriage contract with me. Even her second sister Fang Manxue pretended to be my fiancee, she had begged me not to expose it. It was because I couldn't let her continue to be misunderstood as a junior, so I announced her identity to the public.

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