Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Xin Also Paid A Lot

Is it easy?

She worked so hard to lose weight, all for me. Although, I don't care about her weight.

Don't say that she asked for it, you still have such big opinions after she loses weight. How is she fat? Should I be thankful that she was not drowned in saliva?

For so long, she has refused too much food for me, for me to run six hours a day and hike more than 20 kilometers.

I would like to ask you simply, which fiancee has paid so much behind her back to her fiance but said nothing?

If not, please shut up.

My personal feelings, Bai Qinghao, didn't need to be explained to anyone. With busy military affairs, it is impossible to take time to reply to such posts.

For Fang Xinxin, make an exception.

Please stop accusing my fiance of being a worm if you dont know the truth, please dont destroy the marriage that I have finally recovered!

Bai Qinghao

Bai Qinghao sent a long piece of text that he had written using his newly registered account, and at the same time tampered with the newly registered ID information. The ID indicated that his identity had passed the official verification.

The post has just been posted, and according to the latest comment, it is also after 10,000 comments. If the average person posts, it is estimated that it will not attract any splashes.

But he is Bai Qinghao, this post was picked up at a flying speed, and was instantly liked hundreds, one thousand, three thousand times...

There is no need for forum administrators to put on the top, the hottest comments are ranked at the top, and Bai Qinghaos replies directly rise to the top row that everyone can see.

Although Fang Xinxin was sitting in Bai Qinghao's arms and swiping her cell phone with her head down, she didn't notice what he wrote.

Wait for him to post the post and read it.

Unexpectedly, I flipped through the content of the post with Bai Qinghao's ID and found that it was blank.

But his postings are getting hot as fast as a rocket.

She was shocked, "Commander Bai, your popularity is really high! Hang a blank, and break five thousand likes in a few minutes!"

@ His back comments quickly reached more than a thousand, and they increased at a lightning speed.

[Commander White... Is this really the deity of Commander White replying?

[The ID is officially verified, and it is the real deity of Commander White!

[I'm so touched, it turns out that Commander Bai is so infatuated and the road to chasing his wife is so difficult. Please stop talking about Fang Xinxin's resignation. It would be a crime to disturb my male god's marriage!

[Fang Xinxin also paid a lot for Commander Bai. Those of you who said she was a worm, shut up all the old bosses. It's really you, you still don't **** up human blood. If you have the ability, you can also go for six hours a day and hike more than 20 kilometers. A bunch of Jiaojiao are still not dizzy!

Fang Xinxin took a look at the reply, and unexpectedly found that at a speed visible to the naked eye, many people began to praise her and praised her for her good character and not greedy.

Many comments that scolded her **** were attacked **** by a bunch of people.

Fang Xinxin raised her head from the comment area, looked at the expressionless Bai Qinghao in surprise, and asked curiously, "Commander, what did you post?"

If it is a blank post, it is impossible for everyone to react so much.

"Nothing." Bai Qinghao's stern face was uncomfortable.

He would not tell her that he specifically blocked her ID so that she could not see his posts, but others could see them normally.

Fang Xinxin is also a wise man, squinting her eyes slightly, "I don't believe it."

Thinking that he is an advanced hacker, it suddenly dawned on him, "Bai Qinghao, you blocked me, right?" The tone was affirmative.