Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 492

Chapter 492:

His body is so big and strong, and she is so small and exquisite under him, forming a strong visual contrast.

The room was tempestuous and charming for a long time without stopping...

In addition to eating and sleeping, and taking a short rest, Fang Xinxin was really tossed on the bed by Bai Qinghao for seven days.

She was almost killed by him!

On the seventh day of the night, Fang Xinxin was so painful that her bones were about to break apart.

Bai Qinghao hugged her on the wide bed in the master bedroom with a full face. He didn't expect that she would really cooperate with him with all his enthusiasm.

He was extremely satisfied with her performance.

In the darkness, with the bright moonlight shining into the window sill, his sharp pupils, as cold as ink, stared at her beautiful sleeping face with great pain.

A heart that is as strict as a cold river is full of ruthless tenderness.

If she opens her eyes at this time, she must be able to see the deep affection in his eyes that can drown people.

Unfortunately, at this moment, she was so tired that she had no strength to move her eyelids.

In the early morning of the eighth day, when Fang Xinxin woke up, she was alone in the bed. As soon as she touched the spot where Bai Qinghao slept, there was no one, and a sense of loss arose in her heart.

Although she had been indulged, lusted, and excessive for seven days, she slept for one night, and now she has only a faint soreness all over her body.

Smell the delicate scent of ointment on the skin.

It must be Bai Qinghao who carefully applied medicine to relieve her pain, otherwise her condition would be miserable.

Sit up and saw a note on the dressing table.

She got out of bed, endured the soreness between her legs and walked over, picked up the note and looked at it. There was a magnificent handwriting of Long Feifengwu:

Go back to the army in an emergency, don't forget to eat breakfast. Must miss me!

This is Bai Qinghao's handwriting, she recognizes.

You must also think about him... He is really as overbearing as others.

The feeling that was still lost was swept away by the note he left carefully.

She walked into the bathroom, put in a pool of hot water, took a 20-minute bath, then changed her clothes, put on medicated mud, and walked out of the master bedroom door.

"Miss Fang San, your breakfast is ready." Zhao Cheng, the housekeeper of the Royal Court, said respectfully.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, it's part of the business."

Fang Xinxin went downstairs for breakfast before exiting the hall door of the villa, unexpectedly saw the guard Liu Li standing outside.

After looking at him, he was stung by a bee, and he has returned to his normal appearance, "You have a short time as a pig head."

Liu Li Yi'ang had a handsome face, "Why do you sound a little regretful in Madam's words?"

"Nonsense, you've only been good for more than ten days, I've been fat and ugly for several years."

"Yes, don't say it's only a few years." Liu Li looked at her thin but slender figure. "The masses have said that you are in good shape but your face is still ugly."

Fang Xinxin was too lazy to tell her that today is her last day to put on medicinal mud, "Is it."

It is estimated that Liu Li will have to blind a pair of titanium alloy dog eyes tomorrow.

She walked towards the row of luxury cars parked in the yard.

The ten new shiny golden cars are exceptionally cool.

Bai Qinghao is a big hand...As long as she sees so many new cars he has given, she still wants to show red hearts.

Guard Tong Yu stood by one of the cars and asked, "Miss Fang San, where are you going? Which car are you driving today?"

Fang Xinxin pointed to the most expensive Bugatti, "Go to school."

"Yes." Tong Yu entered the cab, and guard Liu Li opened the door and got into the passenger seat.

Fang Xinxin glanced at Liu Li's behavior incomprehensibly, "Grandpa Liu, do you still want to ride a ride?"