Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 493

Chapter 493:

When Tong Yu heard that Duke Liu, a smile appeared on his ordinary face.

"Spare me, madam!" Liu Li folded his hands with a bitter expression, "Madam, your prime minister can hold a boat in his belly. Don't be familiar with me. I will never call you ugly again."

Fang Xinxin is a very big person, "Deal."

Humph, ugly, ugly, ugly! Liu Li gave in on the surface, but he called her three times inwardly.

Fang Xinxin looked at Liu Li's unruly eyes, and knew that his heart was at odds.

The commanders soldiers are inevitably temperamental, as long as he doesnt speak out, whatever he thinks.

"The commander asked me to protect you with me." Liu Li explained his behavior.

Fang Xinxin knew that Bai Qinghao had a special status. He publicly admitted that he cared about her in a post on the Beijing University Forum eight days ago.

For his political di, she became his weakness.

So it is necessary to guard her at any time.

However, she actually doesn't like being followed, and she has no privacy.

Well, let's do this for now.

As soon as the top luxury car Bugatti Veyron drove into the school, it immediately attracted the attention of countless alumni.

"Wow, it's actually Bugatti, this limited edition can get more than one billion!" An alumni admired. ,

"I don't know whose car is so arrogant..." The alumni were whispering around the car, and Fang Xinxin got down from the top, "Hi, good friends."

"Commander Bai's fiancee..." a girl asked, "Fang Xinxin, is this one of the ten luxury cars that Commander Bai gave you?"

"Yes," admitted generously.

"Too ho, too bright, blinding my beautiful eyes! I want it too!" The girl let out an enviable lightning towards the shiny car.

Fang Manxue's Ferrari worth more than four million was also parked aside. If it goes to the sky, it will definitely attract a lot of people's attention.

Now it is completely ignored.

Even the beautiful Fang Manxue stood in the crowd, but there was no top-notch Bugatti that caught the eye.

Fortunately, Fang Xinxin disappeared for seven or eight days, and finally came to school!

Fang Manxue stared at Fang Xinxin's face that was still covered with medicinal mud, and then fell on her bag.

Thinking about finding a chance to add "material" to her medicine mud soon.

She had no chance to hide in the Royal Court before, and came to school, but it was different.

Fang Xinxin walked in the direction of the teaching building, without even giving Fang Manxue a look in the crowd.

Fang Manxue suddenly became angry and said sourly, "Don't look at Bugatti anymore. How about Fang Xinxin's best car? It's not a gift from a man."

Fang Xinxin stopped, her eyes fell on Man Xue with contempt, "Second sister, don't eat grapes, say grapes are sour, as if you were driving the car you bought yourself."

"..." She looked embarrassed, "At least, my car was not given by a man. I bought it at home."

"Yeah, you and your mother are both moths. You took advantage of me to get so many benefits from Bai's family and returned to Bai Qinghao's company for more than 10 billion, but I didn't pay any interest." The one who looked at Fang Manxue A Ferrari glanced at him, "Your car of more than four million yuan is not enough to deduct the interest. Believe it or not, if you are more sour, your car will deduct the interest?"

"You..." Man Xue was so angry that her eyes burst out.

"Come on, Fang Manxue, don't be jealous of your third sister." Someone came out to make the rounds, "Didn't Commander Bai say that everything about him belongs to Fang Xinxin."

Fang Manxue almost crushed her silver teeth.