Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 495

Chapter 495:

There is business, it is not convenient for the **** to know.

Liu Li stretched out his hand to stop Fang Manxue trying to keep up, "Miss Fang Er, please don't follow."

"Who followed?" Fang Manxue brows angrily, "Fang Xinxin didn't buy this road!"

"It's true that I didn't buy the road. Teacher Aaron and I have something to say, just don't let her come close." Fang Xinxin confessed when she walked away.

Liu Li said to Man Xue, "Did you hear? Go wherever you like, don't be a bug behind a person's ass."

"Huh." Fang Manxue stomped on the spot, but it was hard to follow.

The fox Fang Xinxin, who is not satisfied with a fiance as good as Commander Bai, has openly seduce teacher Aaron!

As usual, if Aaron sees Fang Xinxin, he will stick to it like brown candy, but this time he will hide when he sees her.

"Aaron Teacher!" Fang Xinxin called him.

Instead, he walked faster and faster. She went ahead in three or two steps, blocking him at the corner of a teaching building, "What are you running, guilty?"

Aaron tucked up her blond hair, bright blue eyes glowing, and raised her usual signature smile, "Hi, Xinxin!"

Ignore any guilty words directly.

Fang Xinxin squinted at him, "I said at the time that within a week, I would see the thief Wang Liangping. Now, it has been over nine days."

"This, that..." The smile on Aaron's face became brighter, "The thief Wang Liangping still escapes from the mirror..."

"Really." Fang Xinxin always felt that this matter was a little bit tricky, "Then I will formally inform you now to revoke the black owl organization's entrustment to find Wang Liangping. Then, the whole world will know that your organization is incompetent!"

"Hey, don't!" Aaron waved his hand quickly.

It was really distressing. I came into the school to get the moon first and chase her.

For the organization's reputation, he used his great beauty to prevent her from destroying the organization's reputation without letting the thief Wang Liangping go.

She didn't know that she didn't accept his pursuit, and she didn't come to school for seven consecutive days.

The key point is that she has a fiance who is ruthless, and his handsome tactics can't be used as well as other women.

"Then you tell me, when can I meet Wang Liangping?" Fang Xinxin is a smart man, and the black owl organization has been procrastinating on this matter, showing that there is no sincerity in finding people.

In fact, she secretly commissioned other agencies to find people, but the result of the feedback was that the thief Wang Liangping disappeared in the mirror of Malaysia and the world evaporated!

Aaron can only open his eyes and talk nonsense, "Auntie, we really can't find anyone. Or, you cancel the entrustment and don't announce that our organization can't find anyone. We will compensate you for the loss of time. kind?"

"No." She had a hunch, except for the Black Owl Organization, no one could find Wang Liangping.

Aaron's heart was too hot.

If others don't know how to praise him, he would be killed with one shot. The other party was Fang Xinxin, so she couldn't move.

The boss is really too much, throwing this mess to him, "Then what do you want?"

"You must find someone for me!" She categorically.

"Find, find, find. I will immediately send one hundred thousand more urgent personnel to find you. I must reply as soon as possible. You must not destroy the reputation of the black owl. That's it!" Aaron said in a few words, not After she answered, she ran away.

Fang Xinxin waved at his fierce back, "Hey..."