Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Why Not Let Go

She hasn't agreed yet.

He took out his cell phone to call Aaron and found that he was turned off!

It's okay, there will be French lessons later, and then go to the office to stop him after class.

Fang Manxue craned her neck to see what Fang Xinxin said to Aaron, but the distance was too far to hear.

Seeing Aaron Feng also escaped, it seemed that Xinxin wasn't interested?


Fang Xinxin is an ugly person, thinking that all men in the world are surrounding her? Since Aaron doesn't like Fang Xinxin, how many chances does he really have?

Fang Manxue figured out whether to hook up Aaron according to his mother's words.

But when I think of the extremely excellent Bai Qinghao, a man she has admired since childhood.

She was not reconciled, so she didn't want Aaron, she wanted to be the commander's wife!

Aaron walked to a place where there was no one in the school, took out his mobile phone and dialed the number one behind the black owl directly, "Boss, I am about to be forced to death by Fang Xinxin, she must give me the thief Wang Liangping!"

"Trash, this can't be done well." The male voice over there was unhappy.

"Yes, I'm useless." Aaron quickly admitted, "Why don't you get Fang Xinxin?"


There was a tingling silence from the other end.

Aaron sneered: Since you can't handle the boss, you can't just scold me.

If you don't want to be short-lived, you can just think about this in your heart, and you don't dare to say a word, "Boss, we have been detaining Wang Liangping for so long, so it's better to give him to Fang Xinxin."

As long as Wang Liangping is handed over, Fang Shaohua's unjust case will progress immediately.

He still doesn't understand, why does the boss hold back Fang Shaohua's grievances?

"Seizure for a while." At last there was a voice that seemed to be compromised.

"But boss, how can Fang Xinxin confess here..." He was very worried.

"She knows we have caught someone?"

"That's not true. However, the subordinates found out. She also found another organization to track down Wang Liangping's whereabouts. Sooner or later, she would suspect that someone was in our hands." Aaron thought of this level, and suddenly said, "You said. , If Fang Xinxin knew you were stuck behind your back, you..."

"Of course you did this." After Hansen's order was finished, he hung up.

"No..." How did he do it? It doesn't matter to him, okay? Aaron stared at the beep coming from the phone, crying without tears.

Looking up at the blue sky, the sun is shining and cloudless.

Can he snarled: It's a horrible thing, I won't recite this scapegoat!


Fang Xinxin went to class as usual, and the next French class was replaced by the director Ma Yongting, saying that Lecturer Aaron had taken leave of absence due to illness.

I went to the office to find someone, but I didn't see Aaron.

Did you miss Aaron's backbone and pretend to be sick to hide from her?

Fang Xinxin narrowed her eyes slightly, and a thought gradually formed in her mind.

According to the memory of her previous life, the black owl organization has a huge network of connections and its influence has penetrated the world.

Looking for a thief Wang Liangping, so many days have passed, it should have been someone who has been found.

She is almost certain that Wang Liangping is in the hands of the black owl organization, but for some reason, she refuses to let anyone go?

It seemed that she had to recalculate.

Fang Xinxin was sitting at the desk. Jiang Xingnan, who was at the same desk, reportedly hadn't come to class for several days.

It's best if she doesn't come, and she doesn't bother to see that bastard.

Thinking of that, Jiang Xingnan walked into the classroom with a slightly thin figure.