Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 499

Chapter 499: Started 3

Liu Li had to wait downstairs.

Fang Xinxin entered the bedroom in 2011, put her bag in her berth, and ordered two takeaways by the way.

Fang Manxue followed, glanced at her bag without a trace, smiled and said, "Two takeaways, one is for me, right?"

"No, one copy is for Liu Li."

Man Xue's beautiful face was full of displeased expressions, "Sister Sister, what happened to me is also your second sister, how can you order food for an insignificant guard without ordering me?"

"He is in my heart, but he is much more important than you." Fang Xinxin had no expression on her face.

"Miss Fang San, I am so touched. I did not expect that I am more important to you than your second sister." Liu Li's voice came from outside the balcony. Fang Xinxin looked out from the open window and found that he had climbed outside. On the tree, standing on the branch of the trunk, the position is as high as the bedroom, and he is looking seriously here.

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows and asked him, "What are you doing?"

"You can't see what's going on with you downstairs, you can see it when you climb the tree." Liu Li smiled, "The commander ordered me to protect you close, and the subordinates should never neglect their duties."

Fang Man got angry. This **** guard is still in the shadows, how can she do it!

Fang Xinxin also casually said, "It doesnt matter if you climb a tree. The problem is that if you climb so high, you can see not only my dormitory, but also a few rooms next door, in case there is a girl in the dormitory changing clothes, and misunderstanding you. It's sex, wolf..."

Before she could finish her words, a scream came from the bedroom next door, "Ah, there is a pervert!"

Then, several raw eggs were airdropped at Liu Li, but Liu Li couldn't dodge and was hit.

Fang Xinxin held his forehead with a headache.

Some girls like to buy a small electric skillet to boil egg noodles in the bedroom. It is not unusual to be smashed.

Fang Manxue snickered. It's God who helped her too.

Several girls rushed downstairs and looked for Liu Li to settle accounts. One girl akimbo, "Look on the tree, wolf, dare to peek at me and change my underwear, come down!"

Liu Li reluctantly jumped off the tree with a sticky shell and raw egg, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I just want to protect Fang Xinxin..."

"Who are you?" the girl asked.

"I am the temporary bodyguard assigned by Commander Bai to Fang Xinxin."

"It turns out to be Commander Bai's soldier, he looks handsome." The girl waved her hand, "Forget it, you peeked at this girl and forgive you."

"I didn't watch it..." It was really going up to see Fang Xinxin's situation.

"Also quibble!"

"Okay, sorry." Liu Li lowered his head.

"Handsome guy, add one on WeChat." The girl looked at his handsome appearance and winked at him.

Liu Li was young and energetic, and some college student beauties took the initiative to discharge, but of course he was disrespectful. Just missing a girlfriend...

The two exchanged contact information.

Fang Xinxin set the phone to the recording mode, and quietly put it in the rose bush that Bai Qinghao sent more than ten days ago in the bedroom. Although the large bunches of flowers have dried up long ago, hiding a cell phone is simple.

She went to the bedroom balcony and shouted at Liu Li, "Don't climb the tree anymore. You have egg yolk and egg white on your clothes. Go change your clothes."

"I'll wait for the comrades who change the guard to come." Liu Li replied.

Fang Manxue saw that Fang Xinxin turned her back to the dormitory, and took advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immediately open the bag Fang Xinxin had placed on the berth in the dormitory.